The Škoda Auto unions negotiated an extraordinary bonus for employees

The unions of the Mladá Boleslav-based carmaker Škoda Auto negotiated an extraordinary premium for employees over a challenging year associated with a coronavirus pandemic and a lack of chips. It amounts to CZK 2,000 for payment and CZK 2,000 to the cafeteria benefits, which represent CZK 2,000 for purchases from contractual partners and can also […]

Apple resumes sales in Turkey

Update (2021-11-26): After a few days of sales halt, Apple has now resumed its sales in Turkey. Due to the sharp fall in the value of the Turkish lira, prices on the Apple Store are now significantly higher than before. For example, the price of the Iphone 13 has been raised from 10,999 lira to […]

Ford ends joint development with Rivian. Manufacturers will go their separate ways

Rivian is an American electric car manufacturer that intends to repeat Tesla’s success. But now he has lost one interesting partnership. The success of the carmaker Tesla did not let other companies sleep, which are also trying to attract their electric cars today. Rivian is also one of them, which this year began to offer […]

The end of internal combustion engines? All states must try first, says BMW

The management of the Munich brand decided not to sign a multilateral agreement on COP26, which included the sale of electric cars only from 2040. For good reason. Countless car brands have been spewing years for us lately, after which they will offer exclusively electric cars without burning fossil fuels. However, BMW thinks that such […]