Miranda Kerr prefers Katy Perry to her ex-husband Orlando Bloom

Between Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, the top model admits to having a rather unexpected preference. The Australian has revealed that she finds her ex-husband boring, unlike her new partner with whom she likes to spend time. Divorced from Orlando Bloom since 2014, model Miranda Kerr opened up about her relationship with her ex-husband in […]

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, two tourists (almost) like the others in Venice

Gondolas, pizza, the Bridge of Sighs … nothing is missing. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s romantic getaway to Italy looks like a postcard. Both have indeed unveiled, on their respective Instagram accounts, pictures of their stay in Venice. Parents of a little Daisy Dove since August 2020, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have decided to […]

Charlotte Gainsbourg: “I mourned my father very badly”

We run into her in the street, near the meeting place. A thin black figure (pants, jacket, T-shirt) tries without result to push forward a tiny white dog. At the end of the leash, Rita, a 2 month old baby bull terrier, newcomer to Charlotte Gainsbourg’s life. They took half an hour to travel a […]

What if the clothes of the future got bigger with us?

In the fashion sector, seaweed promises an avalanche of innovations. Among them, that of “living” clothing which is able to adapt to variations in the body. And to regenerate as if by a miracle. Imagine that jeans that have become too tight adapts to your new shapes, that a t-shirt with holes regenerates itself in […]

Prince Harry and Orlando Bloom team up in Montecito paparazzi hunt

Settled in California since July 2020, Prince Harry has found in Orlando Bloom a compassionate neighbor. The Duke of Sussex and the actor, whose properties are neighboring in their Montecito neighborhood, warn each other of photographers lurking around. Prince Harry spoke about his new life in California on the “Armchair Expert” podcast on Thursday, May […]