Madame is served: this video of Orlando Bloom, the perfect husband, feeding his wife

While Orlando Bloom celebrated his 45th birthday this Thursday, January 13, his fiancée Katy Perry shared a flood of photos and videos for the occasion on his Instagram account. That is as much proof that the actor accumulates qualities.

Close-up (close-up), in combat gear, as a couple, in the company of animals: Orlando Bloom had the right to a series of photos and videos for his 45th birthday, this Thursday, January 13. And it is on the Instagram account of Katy Perry, that we were able to admire these said shots. Ten in number, they bring together memories of the couple, lived their last five years. The last video is a moment of sharing. We see Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry eating. The 45-year-old actor finds himself feeding his beautiful, arms busy carrying their baby girl, Daisy Dove Bloom, born August 26, 2020. We cannot see her face, the child being covered with a white cloth in cotton gauze, while his mother devours the burger handed to him by the actor.

“A Constant Compass”

“Happy 45th birthday to the kindest, deepest, most sensitive, sexiest and strongest man I know. Thank you for being a constant compass, an unwavering anchor and for bringing joie de vivre to every room you enter. You are the love and the light of my life”, can we read among the lines written by Katy Perry for her fiancé.

In video, Katy Perry calls Orlando Bloom on stage to loosen her bustier

Among these photos, a good number of them show the couple in full antics. Together since 2016, the duo has gone through a few upheavals, however. Indeed, in March 2017, the two celebrities had officially “taken their distance”. A year after their breakup, they had found each other, and it was on April 26, 2018 that Katy Perry had confirmed to the media AND that she was in a relationship with the actor again. Since inseparable, they even got engaged in February 2019, with a wedding postponed due to the health crisis.

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