“CDU lawmaker proposes state financing for heat pump installation”

Whether rich or poor – a CDU man proposes that the heat pump should be financed by the state without reservation Image: dpa All citizens could get money from the state for their new heating system – as a loan. So subsidies would be dispensable, believes Götz Wiese. The lawyer is the economic policy spokesman […]

CDU Calls for Shooting of Wolves After Alleged Sheep Attack in Saxony

Dresden (dpa/sn) – After an alleged wolf attack on a flock of sheep in Burkau (Bautzen district), the CDU in the Saxon state parliament again called for the shooting of wolves. Group Vice President Georg-Ludwig von Breitenbuch spoke on Tuesday of an “unbearable situation for the grazing livestock keepers” to keep the wolf population tolerable, […]

“Proposed Reform to Address Labor Shortage in Nursing Homes Amidst Rising Costs”

work in nursing home The planned reform also wants to take care of the labor shortage in nursing. (Photo: imago/photothek) Berlin An aging population, rising wages and new benefits are making care more and more expensive. On average, home residents pay a personal contribution of 2411 euros per month out of their own pocket, 278 […]

Passive Suffrage for 16-Year-Olds in Baden-Württemberg

In Baden-Württemberg, the passive voting age for local councilors will be lowered from 18 to 16 and for mayors from 25 to 18. Baden-Württemberg is thus the first federal state to grant sixteen-year-olds the right to stand as a candidate in local elections. The reform came about at the instigation of the Green government faction, […]

Why the Banking Crises Persist: The Consequences of Gambling with Credit

The banking system in free fall Regulators and politicians around the world are trying to allay fears of a new banking crisis. But the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank and the emergency merger of UBS and Credit Suisse were not the end. Even after the experiences of 2008, it was not possible to regulate the […]

German Parties Criticized by Data Protection Lobby over Microtargeting

The data protection association Noyb filed complaints against the AfD, CDU, Greens, Die Linke, ÖDP and SPD with German data protection authorities on Tuesday. He accuses the parties of using microtargeting on Facebook to show potential voters personalized ads with election promises during the 2021 federal election. The association argues that this targeted approach is […]