Black Friday Lego: toy offers from Playmobil, Barbie and Co.

Offers and promotions Lego und Playmobil am Black Friday Buy cheap toys on Black Friday – that’s how it works Status: 1:34 a.m. | Reading time: 6 minutes Lego is fun for almost all children – and some adults too Source: WELTN24 GmbH Getting Lego at the best price on Black Friday is not that […]

Barbie movie: Hollywood’s MEGA hottie is supposed to play Ken – cinema

The year is 1959. Fidel Castro († 90) conquered power in Cuba, Eintracht Frankfurt became soccer champion in Germany and the Barbie doll began its triumphal march with mainly girls. Now – 62 years later – the blonde is still a perennial favorite in children’s rooms all over the world. Statistically speaking, an incredible three […]

Christmas is complicated by outages. There is a fight for paper, interactive toys may be missing and discounts will probably be reduced – ČT24 – Česká televize

Persistent lack of chips and blocked shipping and limited traffic are the main reasons why electricity retailers may not have enough goods for Christmas. “None of these effects are expected to improve in the coming months. However, it is not the case that the entire category is missing from the menu. People choose alternative models […]

Now you can make calls with the Fischer-Price iconic toy phone

The American toy manufacturer Fischer-Price is now releasing a new version of its classic toy phone Chatter, which actually works like a real phone, reports Engadget. The special phone will be released in connection with Chatter’s 60th anniversary and is not a landline phone but will be connected to an iOS or Android mobile via […]

Psychological Reasons Children Like Dinosaur Toys

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Toy shaped dinosaur much liked by children. James Kirkland is no exception, a paleontologist from the University of Utah, United States who has loved dinosaurs since childhood. It started when he got a dinosaur toy from his father. Unexpectedly it led him to become a paleontologist who made him wrestle with […]

Lesti Kejora was shocked and closed Rizky Billar’s mouth when discussing the gender of his prospective first child: What’s important..

PR TASIKMALAYA – Newlyweds Rizky Billiards and Ready Kejora back in the spotlight. The reason is, in the midst of a heated discussion about the issue pregnant first, recently Rizky Billiards actually mentions gender candidate child first after seeing toy expensive bought by Ready Kejora. Rizky Billiards judge that toy purchased Ready Kejora is something […]

Sonic’s new toy lets you defeat Robotnik just like in game

Now you can recreate the iconic boss battle as fun as the original Toys inspired by famous video game franchises are nothing new. The variety is tremendous – from Action Figures even simpler toys, in order to profit a little from the authorization to use licensed characters. This time, fans of Sonic the Hedgehog who […]

Download STL file Vampire girl

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