Macron and Merkel held talks with Putin

Фото: Getty Images Putin, Macron and Merkel discuss Normandy summit Politicians discussed the situation in Donbass, the Minsk agreements and the possibility of a new Normandy summit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron held a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. About it informs press service of the Kremlin on Monday, […]

Israeli PM Calls Free Palestine Means Formation of a Terror State

loading… TEL AVIV – Prime Minister (PM) Israel Naftali Bennett again closes the gap in the potential for state formation Palestine independent. He argues that forming such a state means there will be a terror state next to the Jewish state. “Based on our experience, the meaning of a Palestinian state means it is very […]

Israel’s Security Will Remain Priority

loading… JERUSALEM – Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel say, security Israel would be a top priority for “all German governments”. Merkel made this statement during a farewell tour of the Jewish state on Sunday (10/10) towards the end of her 16-year term as Chancellor. German . Merkel, who is making her eighth and final visit […]

Western Europe is waking up. A nuclear exit doesn’t have to be forever

Now, apparently, another turning point is coming. Energy is experiencing an extraordinary crisis and Western Europe is waking up to a reality that many experts – including the German ones – have long warned against. Electricity and gas prices are reaching dizzying heights, leading governments to push for further regulation of the entire sector, which […]

Mia from Maryland and Emily from Berlin, both 16, talk about world politics

Mia, you live in America, but you speak perfect German because your mother is from Germany. Does that play a role in your school? Mia: Everyone knows that I have a German mother, but nobody says anything. Sometimes I tell someone and then they say, “Ah, you’re related to Hitler!” I don’t think that’s cool. […]

Index – Domestic – Merkel is going, Scholz is coming?

First of all we summarized the most memorable political moments of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who resigned after 16 years. From his entry into big politics, until recently, his retirement. Then we presented the current election course and stakes, the rough election campaign stylistic lows, and that successor candidates character is. The latest forecasts expectations were […]

Latin America: The most unstable governments in recent decades and the contrast with the Merkel era | FIGURES AND ANALYSIS | Pedro Castillo | Martín Vizcarra | Pedro Pablo Kuczynski | Angela Merkel | EC DATA | POLITICS

According to the criteria of Know more Peru ranks as the country of the most unstable governments in Latin America, with ten presidents, four unfinished terms and multiple political crises in just 21 years. Of the other 19 nations of the subcontinent, eight have also had presidential casualties, including resignations, dismissals, coups and even an […]

A significant theme of the campaign in Germany was the climate. The day before the election, some parties attracted the undecided – ČT24 – Czech Television

Just hours before the start of the German elections, a massive demonstration took place in Berlin, led by a climate movement icon, Greta Thunberg. For the protesters, the current elections are the driving force behind the global fight against climate change. The incumbent leader Angela Merkel began her career as Minister of the Environment. She […]