Financial Institutions Anticipate Contraction in Loans and Reduction in Credit Applications for Q1 of 2024: Bank of Spain Survey

Financial Institutions Anticipate Contraction in Loans and Reduction in Credit Applications for Q1 of 2024: Bank of Spain Survey

For the first quarter of 2024, Financial institutions expect supply to contract again in the segment of loans to households for consumption and other purposes, while it would not vary in the rest of the modalities. Refering to demand, a new generalized reduction in applications is anticipatedwith a similar intensity or somewhat greater than that … Read more

2023 Mortgage Trends: Why Mixed Mortgages Are the Best Option

2023 Mortgage Trends: Why Mixed Mortgages Are the Best Option

Mixed mortgages have been the queens of 2023, benefiting from a changing environment in terms of the Euribor in a year in which the European Central Bank (ECB) has carried out several interest rate increases. For this reason, those who want to buy a home ask themselves: is it advisable to sign a cheaper mixed … Read more

EIB and Iberdrola Sign 1 Billion Euro Agreement for Renewable Energy Portfolio in Europe

He European Investment Bank (EIB) and Iberdrola Have signed a new financing agreement worth 1,000 million euros for the construction of a portfolio of photovoltaic (19) and wind (onshore) (3) plants in Spain, Portugal and Germany. The agreement, as Iberdrola has stressed in a joint statement, will speed up the energy transition in Europe. The … Read more

From confidence to uncertainty: turnaround in consumer and housing credit

Financial entities anticipate a certain tightening of the criteria for granting loans and a drop in demand, both for consumption and for home purchases, which would interrupt the upward trend that has been recorded in recent months thanks to the confidence for recovery from the pandemic. A scenario that will erase the uncertainty generated by … Read more

Indra sinks: the increase in SEPI’s participation resurrects the ghost of ITP

Indra has sunk 9.4% on the stock market (it has fallen by close to 10%) after learning yesterday afternoon, with the market closed, that the SEPI (State Society of Industrial Participations) will increase its stake in the company up to 28% from the 18.75% you currently control. Renta 4 experts say that “greater control by … Read more

Turkey offers itself as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered this Wednesday to mediate between the governments of Ukraine and Russia in an attempt to curb escalating tensions that has occurred recently between the parties due to the deployment of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. – Erdogan’s words come after US President Joe Biden and his allies threatened … Read more

The Ibex and Europe point to sharp falls due to doubts about the vaccine and Ómicron

After the respite of this Monday, when the European and American stock markets rebounded after the hit on Friday, today Tuesday it seems that the strong falls return indexes while fear persists for the South African variant of Covid, Ómicron. European futures come with cuts of more than 2%, while the Americans fall 1%. – … Read more

IAG and Meliá Hotels suffer on the stock market due to a new variant of Covid in the United Kingdom

The airline IAG and the hotel chain Meliá Hotels fall sharply on the stock market due to the rebound in Covid-19 cases in the United Kingdom and the discovery of a new variant of the virus in the British country, which represents a new blow for one of the main markets of both companies. – … Read more

The UK economy grows 4.8% in the second quarter, more than expected

The UK economy grows more than expected thanks to the lifting of restrictions due to Covid-19. According to data published this Thursday by the British Statistical Office (ONS), the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) registered a growth in the second quarter of 4.8%, close to the 5% pace predicted by the Bank of england (BoE) last … Read more

Half of those who have insurance hired it because the bank forced them

About 21 million Spaniards have life insurance. From them, almost 10 million are linked to banking products, according to some studies. Most entities pressure their clients to contract additional products, such as insurance or even pension plans, when it comes to being able to sign a mortgage or take out a personal loan. A practice … Read more