They sell a burned-out Bugatti Chiron for $ 345,000

The red-and-black Bugatti Chiron, produced in 2019, has been put up for sale on the online car trading portal Copart for $ 345,000 (a new Bugatti costs at least $ 3 million). This low price is due to the condition of the hypercar. And that’s not good at all. The sports car was the victim […]

Here comes the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+: 1,600 Hp for 490 km / h

The fastest Bugatti in the world is ready for the first deliveries. Expected price: 3.5 million euros. The Chiron Super Sport 300+ is ready to enter the most exclusive garages in the world. After breaking all speed records for a production car, and completing an extensive two-year test and development program, the first 8 of […]

Bugatti exhibited the first Chiron Super Sport 300+, their tuning took 2 years

The company has introduced the first eight pieces, which it will already send to customers. Two years have passed since the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ prototype exceeded 300 miles per hour (approximately 482 km / h). During that time, Bugatti introduced several other gems, but at the same time also focused on the development […]

The Bugatti Bolide will still be produced. It will be the ultimate circuit machine

The Bugatti Bolide was originally created as a one-piece special, a demonstration of what the most extreme car from Molsheim would look like. Customers liked the project, so in the end it won’t stay with a single piece. In its beginnings, the Bugatti brand was closely connected with car racing. In modern history under the […]

Elon Musk acquired Bugatti in the Balkans

Mate Rimac is called Elon Musk in the Balkans. Croatian electric supercar startup Rimac Automobili takes over Bugatti. Its owner Mate Rimac will hold a 55% controlling stake in the new company Bugatti-Rimac, and VW’s Porsche will hold the remaining 45%. “Rimac and Bugatti are the perfect team. As a young, agile and fast-paced automotive […]

The last Bugatti Veyron Super Sport produced is for sale, with only 48

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is one of the rarest and at the same time the fastest modern models of the carmaker. Meeting a Bugatti car on the road is quite a rarity, but meeting the Veyron Super Sport is a small miracle. The carmaker limited production to only 48 pieces, which it sent to […]

Bugatti presents the final version of the unique La Voiture Noire

The unique machine has an extended wheelbase, six exhaust tips and a specific varnish that hardly creates glare. The carmaker Bugatti presented the unique La Voiture Noire model, inspired by the lost Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic, already at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. However, only now has it presented its final version, which will […]

The 10 most desired luxury cars of the moment

Millions of people around the world dream of one day having in the garage that car they want so muchThese being sports cars, SUVs, vans, compact cars or even family cars, since we do not all have the same tastes, although we do agree that vehicles that combine luxury and high performance are the most […]

The group’s supersports are doing well, with Lamborghini and Bugatti reporting record sales

After last year’s production outage, both Lamborghini and Bugatti managed to break their current sales records for the first quarter. After the Porsche carmaker, other premium manufacturers from the Volkswagen Group also boasted of their success in the first quarter of 2021. Specifically, these are the carmakers Lamborghini and Bugatti, which are connected, among other […]