An American car “snatches” the title of the fastest in the world from “Bugatti”

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" As I mentioned "Bloomberg", The car "Tuatara" Developed by the company "SSC" American, recorded a speed of 508.73 kilometers per hour, with a test on a desert highway outside Las Vegas. Supplied The Car With an 8-cylinder engine generating power up to 1750 horsepower, knowing that the vehicle design took […]

The future of Lamborghini in jeopardy? Volkswagen is considering selling it

Lamborghini was experiencing the best period in its history in the run-up to coronavirus, when sales of the Urus SUV were growing rapidly. Nevertheless, its future may now be jeopardized. Today, the Volkswagen Group is considered the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, with nine passenger car brands, one motorcycle manufacturer and other brands for […]

Bugatti, the brand could be sold to Rimac by the end of 2020

Rimac, an electric car manufacturer and leader in the electrified sector, of which Porsche is already a shareholder, would be in talks with Volkswagen to buy the hypercar brand According to the German newspaper Manager’s Magazine, during the last board of directors at Volkswagen, there was a lot of talk about the possibility of selling […]

Volkswagen allegedly sells Bugatti to Rimac in Croatia

According to unofficial information, the deal should be approved and signatures are now awaited. Nevertheless, Volkswagen does not want to give up Bugatti completely. We recently wrote on about the story of Roman Artioli, the savior of the Bugatti brand, whose visions unfortunately did not come true according to his plans. However, after the […]

Bugatti, 30 years of the blue factory in Campogalliano

On Sunday 13th a unique event, to be followed in live streaming, will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment wanted by Romano Artioli It is known worldwide as the “Blue Factory”, the Bugatti factory inaugurated on 15 September 1990 – exactly 109 years after the birth of Ettore Bugatti – by the then visionary […]

King Leopold III’s Bugatti auctioned for record price

A 1934 Bugatti Type 59 Sports that was still owned by the Belgian King Leopold III, fetched 8.5 million pounds (about 9.53 million euros) at an auction in Great Britain on Saturday evening. That offer must include the commission for the auction house Gooding & Company, which brings the total cost for the buyer to […]

On an envelope in the history of the car

According to legend, unconventional spirits often sketch their new ideas on unusual material. A tax reform on a beer mat is said to have seen the light of the world a few years ago, and many tablecloths in posh restaurants were supposedly the basis for bridge constructions or city maps – at least that’s what […]

Strange surprise Bugatti Chiron tested on the road

In the Bugatti range, there are currently many versions. The base model is still the Chiron, an ultra-comfortable 1500 horsepower supercar capable of traveling up to 420 km / h at top speed. This Chiron can be ordered in a Sport version, which slightly changes its transmission settings and provides a more efficient machine when […]

Unique LADA T Concept Shown – Network in Shock

“Bugatti is the way out,” users write. Hypercars are not a common phenomenon in Russia, but what if they are made a little cheaper? The domestic designer decided to imagine what it would be, if hypercars produced AvtoVAZ. The network showed a unique concept LADA Tthat just hit the users on the spot. The car […]