Speed ​​at 234 km / h in the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder you just bought

Having a sports car in your hands is a great temptation that becomes even greater if the racing car in question is one Lamborghini. An Iraqi-born motorist who overdid the wheel of a Huracan Spyder in Denmark knows something about it. The driver had recently bought his flamboyant racing car in Germany and was determined […]

They sell a burned-out Bugatti Chiron for $ 345,000

The red-and-black Bugatti Chiron, produced in 2019, has been put up for sale on the online car trading portal Copart for $ 345,000 (a new Bugatti costs at least $ 3 million). This low price is due to the condition of the hypercar. And that’s not good at all. The sports car was the victim […]

Disassembly Inside and Out Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4

loading… Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4. PHOTO / IS MILAN – Lamborghini has finally officially unveiled the final hypercar developed based on the Aventador chassis, and pays homage to the original Countach model. As reported by Casrcoops, Despite using the Aventador base, the Countach LPI 800-4 has several distinctive features, such as an example of an […]

Viritech Apricale, the 1000-horsepower hydrogen hypercar

The brand new Viritech Apricale hydrogen hypercar is coming, which will be built at the MIRA Technology Park for the next two years. The first prototypes will appear in the 2022. The revolutionary Apricale will harness the energy density of hydrogen to deliver hypercar performance. It will showcase the technology of the tanks and structural […]

Fulminea is the first electric hypercar with solid state batteries

Extreme “Fulminea” is the first Italian electric hypercar with a “hybrid” battery that it uses solid state cells. Automobili Estrema announces the arrival of its wonderful supercar, which we will be able to see on the market during the second half of 2023. We have to wait a couple of more years, and then this […]

The Bulgarian hypercar that looks like a Lamborghini

The first previews of this extraordinary car arrived two years ago, we are talking about the super sports car and powerful of the Bulgarian house Alien, an exceptional car, with lines very similar to the Lamborghini hypercars that we are used to seeing in recent times. The car is called Arcanum, and at first glance […]

Mercedes-AMG Project One: the hypercar with a Formula 1 engine

The development of the Mercedes-AMG Project One, the limited edition hypercar with a Formula 1 engine that in the plans of the Casa della Stella will be ready for delivery to collectors who have already booked it, for 2021. The wait is about to end: the Daimler Group has announced that several pre-production models are […]

Elektron One: la hypercar tedesca made in Italy da 1300 Cv

It will be produced in Italy and will have monstrous power. Monocoque frame in carbon, kevlar and biofibre, will have three engines and a 0-100 acceleration of 2.1 seconds Put together a German startup, a Turkish entrepreneur, an English design company led by an Italian, a Modenese factory and you will get Elektron One by […]