With a hot pen: the scariest car in the NBA

LeBron James may have saved the Los Angeles Lakers in overtime. What is not saved is from the first place to the worst customization in the entire NBA. We share image and video below. November 25, 2021 02:12 hs Don’t ask for much information in this installment. This is written with the hot pen, with […]

A driver confused the pedals and sent a Lamborghini for 300,000 euros into a lake

In Austria, a Lamborghini Huracan worth about 300,000 euros was literally drowned in Lake Mondsee. Photos from the scene were posted by the local fire department on Facebook. A 31-year-old Swiss man confused the brake pedal with the gas pedal during a maneuver in the parking lot by the lake and the supercar ended up […]

Speed ​​at 234 km / h in the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder you just bought

Having a sports car in your hands is a great temptation that becomes even greater if the racing car in question is one Lamborghini. An Iraqi-born motorist who overdid the wheel of a Huracan Spyder in Denmark knows something about it. The driver had recently bought his flamboyant racing car in Germany and was determined […]

Lamborghini Hotman Paris Broken Not Used For A Long Time, This Is The Cause

JAKARTA, iNews.id – Lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea post Lamborghini His favorite Huracan is broken. As a result, the orange supercar had to enter the workshop. He shared this news on his Instagram account @hotmanparisofficial. “Lazy to ride a luxury car during a pandemic! Unemployed for a long time as a result, Lambo had to enter […]

Businessman died in Lamborghini. He had previously shared a quote that made him freeze

Pavol Matlák, a Slovak businessman and district chairman of the political party Sloboda a Solidarita, died on Friday evening in a car accident near Žilina. All that was left of his lamborghini were debris. The Slovak website Nový Čas has now informed about the contribution that Matlák shared on the social network before his death. […]

State of Survival Prepares Lamborghini for 2nd Anniversary

Suara.com – State of Survival announced a birthday celebration with the Ultimate Survival Kit Giveaway with a total of 200 supply cases, an Amazon gift card with a total value of IDR 850 million, and an Italian supercar, Lamborghini Huracan EVO, for free. To enliven the 2nd anniversary celebration, the developer FunPlus also introduced a […]

A Slovak businessman died in an accident. All that was left of his lamborghini were debris

A serious accident happened near Žilina in Slovakia on Friday evening, in which the businessman and district chairman of the political party Sloboda a solidarity presented Pavol Matlák. Firefighters had to rescue the driver and his co-driver from the destroyed lamborghini, which ended up with injuries in the hospital. The accident happened in the early […]

Porsche has defended itself against the exceptions to the ban on internal combustion engines, everyone is to contribute

Italy’s request for an exemption from the ban on internal combustion engines for traditional supersport manufacturers has not pleased Porsche’s management, which believes that everyone should contribute to decarbonising the climate. The ban on the sale of internal combustion engines on European markets has not yet been decided, but the European Union is already working […]