On an envelope in the history of the car

According to legend, unconventional spirits often sketch their new ideas on unusual material. A tax reform on a beer mat is said to have seen the light of the world a few years ago, and many tablecloths in posh restaurants were supposedly the basis for bridge constructions or city maps – at least that’s what […]

Strange surprise Bugatti Chiron tested on the road

In the Bugatti range, there are currently many versions. The base model is still the Chiron, an ultra-comfortable 1500 horsepower supercar capable of traveling up to 420 km / h at top speed. This Chiron can be ordered in a Sport version, which slightly changes its transmission settings and provides a more efficient machine when […]

Unique LADA T Concept Shown – Network in Shock

“Bugatti is the way out,” users write. Hypercars are not a common phenomenon in Russia, but what if they are made a little cheaper? The domestic designer decided to imagine what it would be, if hypercars produced AvtoVAZ. The network showed a unique concept LADA Tthat just hit the users on the spot. The car […]

an image that brings together more than € 30 million

During these days of confinement the families they must stay together more than ever and encourage each other to try to overcome the crisis of coronavirus, and it seems that Bugatti He has been able to interpret this situation perfectly. We say this because the Franco-Italian firm has decided bring together all of your current […]

Bugatti canceled its sedan project due to “ugliness”

Bugatti only sells one model of sports car, a supercar that has traditionally aimed at the heights of the “supercar” category since the start of the 21st century with the Veyron, replaced in 2016 by the Chiron. But the Molsheim brand did not just sell these two sports cars at all. Behind the scenes, Bugatti […]