Advisor to the President for Health: It is possible to contract a Pfizer vaccine

Dr. Awad Tajuddin, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, said that the Chinese vaccine was manufactured in the traditional way in which the seasonal influenza vaccine is made, and it has been tried in the Middle East in the UAE, and this does not reduce the safety of other vaccines, stressing […]

Family of Portuguese female medical nurse who died 48 hours after receiving Pfizer vaccine: she did not have any health problems | International | 新头壳 Newtalk

A 41-year-old female medical worker in Portugal died 48 hours later after receiving the first dose of Pfizer’s Wuhan pneumonia vaccine.Picture: New head shell data photo Wuhan pneumonia continues to harm the world. The advent of effective vaccines has brought dawn to curb the epidemic. Countries have successively carried out Wuhan pneumonia vaccination plans. However, […]

Usa, Covid positive nurse after Pfizer vaccine administration

31 December 2020 07:12 “The person may have contracted the disease before or shortly after the vaccination,” the pharmaceutical company said in a statement. “Based on our Phase 3 safety and efficacy study, the vaccine offers some protection against Covid-19 within approximately ten days of the first dose and is significantly strengthened after the second […]

Four Germans were hospitalized after receiving an overdose of Pfizer

Eight workers in a nursing home in Stralsund, Vorpommern-Rogen, Germany received large doses of the vaccine BioNTech-Pfizer What caused influenza-like symptoms to appear on 4 of the workers. According to a newspaper report Mirror The caregivers ended up in the hospital after they were given 5 times the recommended dose of the Corona vaccine. Corona […]

The emergence of serious symptoms on the recipients of the Corona vaccine in America … and the “Chicago Hospital” stops the vaccination

A hospital in Chicago, Illinois, has stopped vaccinations Corona Virus Temporarily “Covid-19” after the appearance of negative symptoms on 4 employees, such as numbness and high heart rates. The American “Fox News” channel reported that 3 of the employees who received the vaccine are recovering from these negative symptoms well in their homes, while the […]

After receiving the Corona vaccine … a video that shows what happened to an American nurse

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The source said that a nurse from the state Tennessee She was speaking to the media after she received the Corona vaccine, before she became dizzy. The video showed the moment the nurse fainted and fell to the ground, but fortunately for her, one of the doctors who was standing […]