“Controversy Surrounding Rahaf Al-Qahtani’s Use of Mic During MBC Interview”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a dispute between the famous Snapchat Rahaf Al-Qahtani, and a broadcaster on MBC, about the use of the microphone during an interview with residents in the Kingdom, as part of one of the channel’s programs. interview on air The video showed the anchor standing next to Rahaf Al-Qahtani while […]

Manesh drowned after rescuing those who were drowned in the river.

KM Manesh (42) drowned and died in Erur Kalluparam while rescuing those who fell into the sand pit in the river during the birth and sacrifice ceremony. The incident took place yesterday morning at 10.30 am at the pier near Pazhur Manalpuram. Kalluparampil is the son of Mani and Shanta. Culture was performed. A group […]

Understanding the Details of the Global Banking Crisis

It is said that a stork wanted to kiss its young, but it put out its eye. That is exactly what the Federal Reserve (the US Central Bank) did – and is doing – as it raised interest rates in an unprecedented way within a strict monetary policy to contain inflation, but it caused the […]

Important considerations during the birth and initial week of life of lambs

Eand ewe normally give birth around day 145 of gestation. Knowing exactly when each ewe has been mated is already an important element in order not to be surprised. For this purpose, the rams wear a breeding block during the breeding season, which changes color every 2 weeks. However, there are ewes that give birth […]

Consensus on Lebanese Presidency Not Reached at Paris Meeting

Despite the secrecy surrounding the Paris meeting and its results the day before yesterday, An-Nahar learned from high-ranking sources that the French-Saudi meeting on Lebanon did not come out with an agreement that could be marketed to the concerned countries as a paper for discussion. The discrepancy between the two parties remained. And in the […]