Controversy Surrounds Madeleine Tabar’s Comments on Adel Imam’s Absence

Controversy Surrounds Madeleine Tabar’s Comments on Adel Imam’s Absence

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Lebanese singer Madeleine Tabar sparked widespread controversy and was criticized, after the family of the Egyptian artist, Adel Imam, demanded his release, she said.

A crisis about Adel Imam

Madeleine Matar commented on the absence of the artist, Adel Imam, from the ceremony honoring him at the National Theater Festival. His family demanded his release so that he could come and be there and check on everyone about him.

She wondered if the best course of action was to storm the artist’s house in order to check on him, saluting the artists who stormed Adel Imam’s house, celebrated his birthday and reassured him of his health, which happened months ago, noting that she tried to contact Rami Imam, but he did not answer her call.

The Artists Syndicate commented

For his part, the captain of the actors, Ashraf Zaki, reassured everyone of Adel Imam’s health, stressing that he had contacted him a few days ago, and his health was good, unlike what was reported about him.

He indicated that he would review Madeleine Tabar about what she said, considering that her statements are very dangerous and the vocabulary she used should not be used.

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