Putin at the G20 summit named the main risks for the world :: Politics :: RBC

Vladimir Putin (Photo: Alexey Nikolsky / TASS) Mass unemployment and poverty remain the main risks to the world, President Vladimir Putin said at the virtual G20 summit. “The main risk, of course, remains the likelihood, despite some positive signals, the main risk will still remain massive long-term, so-called stagnant mass unemployment. With the subsequent growth […]

Truck driver hit by a bullet – accident at Galluswarte S-Bahn station

Frankfurt. The police have taken stock of their increased presence in the area since the end of June Bahnhofsviertel drawn. From the start of the control offensive until the end of October, more than 15,500 people were checked, almost 2,600 were sent off, more than 1,800 criminal proceedings were initiated, more than 1,000 people were […]

Riots break out in Louisiana over the murder of an African American by police

In the US state of Louisiana, protests began after policemen shot and killed an African American while trying to arrest, reports TASS citing Associated Press. Dozens of people took to the streets of Lafayette. The incident took place on August 21. The police tried to detain 31-year-old Traford Pellerin and shot him in the back. […]

Obstacles in long-distance rail traffic – including ICE trains to and from Saxony

The railway line between Eisenach and Frankfurt am Main near Bad Hersfeld is currently closed due to a fire service on the track. Deutsche Bahn announced that long-distance traffic would be causing significant disruptions and train cancellations. The ICE lines Berlin – Leipzig – Stuttgart and Dresden – Leipzig – Wiesbaden are also affected. Travelers […]

You are a racist yourself, President Zeman said of the US protesters

In recent weeks, the United States has figuratively split into two colors – black and white. According to President Miloš Zeman, people protesting against racial violence have become racists themselves. The “slogan” depends on black lives “is a racist slogan, because it depends on all human lives,” said Miloš Zeman. “It really evokes the lives […]

Microsoft closes stores

Microsoft has announced a change in sales strategy, which provides for the closure of all traditional branded stores. Now Microsoft operates 83 stores, after their closure, all sales will be carried out online. Shops will be kept only in New York, London and Sydney, as well as in the city of Redmond, Washington, where the […]

Whatsapp-problem: Users complain about technical problems – Nau.ch

Whatsapp-problem: Users complain about technical problems Nau.ch Global disorder in Whatsapp 20 minutes Global disorder: Whatsapp is struggling with technical problems, watson, WhatsApp: disorders of the Messenger in the whole of Germany t-online.de Down: Whatsapp is struggling with massive disruptions – also in Germany, t3n magazine “More on the topic of” view in Google News […]

We went to a plateau, and there Platoshkin: how did he scare power

Opposition patriot arrest confirms end of Crimean consensus First, Platoshkin is charged with “inducing, recruiting or otherwise involving a person” and committing the acts provided for in the first part of Article 212 of the Criminal Code: riots accompanied by “violence, pogroms, arson, destruction of property, use of weapons, explosive devices, explosive, poisonous or other […]

Birth control pill would change mood because of this hormone

The pill is a mode of mode of action of different means of contraceptionIn general, the methods … “data-image =” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/4/f/9/4f9a1b7d2d_50034897_pilule-marc-dietrich-fotolia.jpg “data -url = “https://news.google.com/sante/definitions/medecine-contraception-5241/” data-more = “Read more”>contraception hormonal that does not come without side effects, including possible mood changes. Which can affect emotional and social life. In a study published in Scientific Reports, […]