Immunity from Corona may last 8 months after recovery … Know the details

New research indicates that recovering coronavirus patients likely have a strong immune memory that lasts for at least eight months, and this memory depends on more than just antibodies as it includes white blood cells known as T cells and B cells that have amazing memory abilities.. According to a newspaper report sciencealert Together, these […]

The FDA approves Eli Lily’s antibody drug to treat the Coronavirus

The FDA has approved the emergency use of the only Eli Lilly drug that contains anti-corona virus antibodies to treat patients with mild or moderate COVID-19. The “Daily Mail” newspaper said the drug will begin shipping immediately and will be allocated to states on a weekly basis based on case data provided to the HHS. […]

A man’s body produces more antibodies to corona virus than a woman

A recent study revealed that the man’s body produces more antibodies to the Corona virus compared to women, and this is necessary in order to recover from the infection or avoid infection with it in the future after recovery. And the study published in the European Journal of Immunology, “European Journal or Eminology”, stated that […]

An analysis of blood antibodies reveals the acquisition of immunity from a second Corona infection

Scientists at Ohio State University have developed a new blood test to detect antibodies against the Corona virus, which gives faster results than current tests and specifically identifies so-called “equivalent” antibodies, those that protect by preventing infection from cells, and this reveals your acquisition Immunity from a second infection with Corona, according to the “Medical” […]

Setback in trials of vaccines and treatment of Corona … Video

It is not unusual for clinical trials in the final stage to face a problem, as they are designed to increase the number of participants to thousands or tens of thousands to get rid of side effects that may be rare, according to what she told the scientific journal Sciencealert, while commenting on the moratorium […]

Has Trump become immune to Corona infection? Health experts answer

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" According to the newspaper "Washington Post"Trump spoke of acquiring it Immunity, Knowing that medicine does not yet know precisely and definitively whether the recovered people are not at risk of infection again. Break chance "Twitter" By placing an alert flag next to Trump’s tweet, saying the speech could contain misleading […]