A doctor from China who concealed the 2003 SARS epidemic passes away.

APArts Jiang Yanyong in Peking (foto uit 2004) NOS News•today, 15:40 The man who managed to prevent the SARS epidemic in China from being covered up has died. Former army surgeon Jiang Yanyong died of pneumonia in Beijing this weekend, Chinese media in Hong Kong reported. He was 91 years old. Jiang is said to […]

The Genome Center reveals 10 viral diseases that may emerge in the future.

The Medical Genome Center page at Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University reveals 10 viral diseases that may occur in the future that the World Health Organization has prepared a list of important diseases that may cause public health emergencies. And currently there are no preventive measures. or adequate treatment In order from high risk to low […]

Corona isolation obligation in NRW will be lifted on February 1st

Hospital society: End the obligation to wear masks in the healthcare sector The German Hospital Society (DKG) is again calling for an end to the mask requirement in the healthcare sector and an end to the obligation to isolate. “The offer of free tests in Germany ends at the end of February, one month earlier […]

Virus similar to Covid-19 found in China, infects bats

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study has found a number of viruses in bats in southern China. One of them is a virus similar to Covid-19 or SARS CoV-2. The virus has the potential to infect humans and livestock. The study used 149 bats in Yunnan province as samples and found five viruses, including those […]

The study estimates that 18 million Americans have long had COVID

In a recent study published in the medRxiv* Preliminary publication server, researchers assessed the prevalence, risk factors and impact of post-coronavirus (COVID) (PCC) or long-term COVID conditions on daily activities among adults residing in the United States (USA) . PCC or COVID long refers to a diagnosis of new, recurring, or ongoing clinical findings or […]

The long-phrase impression of COVID-19 on psychological health and fitness

The examine identified that folks who contracted Covid ended up 39% additional probable to create depression and 35% extra probable to be anxious. Some studies indicate that some Covid individuals build depression and stress. New York Periods columnist Ann Helen Petersen spoke to a communications professor who has recognized a shocking trend of comfort and […]

It turns out that the SARS virus is still roaming around, thousands of people get it

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A research says that the SARS virus that spread in the world in the early 2000s is still infecting Southeast Asians. In fact, the number of infections associated with the virus has reached 66,000 in a year. The study, published by Nature Communications on Wednesday (10/8/2022), said the virus, which was […]

New dangerous strain of COVID discovered in South Africa – media

Scientists have studied a new type of coronavirus – – Neither SARS-CoV-2 antibodies nor protein molecules capable of suppressing the Middle East MERS fever affect the virus. Recently discovered in South Africa, the bat coronavirus NeoCov (a close relative of the Middle East fever pathogen MERS) can enter cells in much the same way as […]