Hot news about the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

A booster (additional) dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine is sharply raising antibody levels, according to interim data from early-stage studies, the US company said on Wednesday. According to this study, a second dose of the J&J single-dose vaccine resulted in levels of the so-called “binding antibodies” in the body, which are nine times […]

Testing for antibodies after vaccination: useful or not? – Health

Antibody tests would allegedly be able to estimate whether someone is actually immune after vaccination or not. This sounds interesting to many, while according to others it has little or no added value. What about now? In addition to the PCR tests that detect corona infections, there are also so-called antibody tests or serological tests. […]

Important news about Moderna vaccines

Moderna said its COVID-19 vaccine was about 93 percent effective four to six months after the second dose, Reuters reported. The change was almost imperceptible compared to the 94 percent efficacy reported in the original clinical trial. By comparison, last week Pfizer / Biontech’s competitors published data showing that the vaccine’s effectiveness had dropped to […]

what is known about the infection after the vaccine

“You are going to stay with the anticuerpos a full”, is often heard when a person got infected with Covid after being inoculated with one or two doses. Is that so? “Every time you get infected you generate antibodies. If you do it with few viruses, you will develop an immunity of less intensity and […]

Corona antibodies found in 93% of donors

Vaccination The vast majority of those antibodies were obtained through vaccination. The vaccination strategy is clearly reflected in the increase in antibodies among increasingly younger donors. ‘From mid-April to mid-July, the number of donors with antibodies rose spectacularly every week, by an average of 5% per week. From mid-June, we also see a rapid increase […]

Scientists have found what antibody levels in COVID-19 sufferers depend on

Scientists from Italy and the United Kingdom have found what antibody levels in coronavirus patients depend on. To do this, they study the entire population of a small town in Italy. The researchers used three different tests to control the results, RIA Novosti reported. It turns out that for 9 months the antibodies remain at […]

What you need to know about alcohol and Covid vaccination

The immunologist Paola Briseño Lugo, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (ONE), stated that there is still not enough evidence to show that the consumption of alcoholic drinks inhibits antibodies developed by anti-Covid vaccines. However, the recommendations to abstain from their intake have to do with the fact that the adverse effects of both […]