Half a ton of cocaine worth $ 136 million was seized in Dubai

Photo: wam.ae The drugs were well hidden in the structure of the shipping container Police seized half a ton of pure cocaine and arrested one person of Middle Eastern descent. In Dubai, during a police raid, law enforcement officers found and seized 500 kilograms of pure cocaine. Its cost was estimated at more than $ […]

In Zaporozhye, a drug addict knocked down a woman with a child

Photo: National Police The driver, intoxicated, knocked down a woman with a child in Zaporozhye Both pedestrians were injured. The driver was drugged. In Zaporozhye, a Volkswagen passenger car driver on Saturday, July 17, hit a 37-year-old woman and her 9-year-old son. About it informs press service of the National Police in the Zaporozhye region. […]

The list of tobacco shops where you can pay your taxes, fines or bills

It is now possible to pay local taxes, fines and utility bills at a tobacco shop, up to € 300, in cash or by credit card. 22 tobacconists are partners and, eventually, the list will include 6,000 across the country. In 10 test departments (Corrèze, Côtes d’Armor, Corse du Sud, Haute-Saône, Gard, Loire, Marne, Oise, […]

Bosch opens new chip factory: technology is also possible in Germany – politics

In the new semiconductor factory, Bosch produces state-of-the-art chips for the automotive industry and for tools. Photo: AFP Corona relentlessly reveals how backward the state is when it comes to modern technologies. Many companies are much further along. The new chip factory from Bosch is a milestone in the digital development of the country. Stuttgart […]

I get vaccinated ¦ Action photo for vaccination

07-06-2021 Take a picture with the sign ” Vacciné ”to show that you have done it and to motivate your loved ones to get vaccinated. Upon receipt of your invitation send us your best shot and it will be posted on echloossemechimpfen.lu. For more information on vaccination, we invite you to visit the website covidvaccination.lu. […]

More than 800 kilos of heroin were seized in Russia

Photo: customs.gov.az Heroin was planned to be transported in batches of 200 kg to the Netherlands Russian law enforcement officers approached their European colleagues with an initiative to hold joint events, but did not meet with a response. Russian security forces, with the participation of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan, stopped the […]

Huntington, USA: An overdose every seven hours – Society

The young woman is almost dead when the rescuers find her. She lies there with rolled eyes, limp and pale, in an abandoned house, between rubble and broken pieces and frozen piles of dung. The little bit of heartbeat she has left pumps the heroin through her veins. Only a few shallow breaths separate them […]

Large Scale Testing: Bilan et perspectives (11.03.2021)

11-03-2021 At the press conference held on 11.03.2021, Minister of Health Paulette Lenert gave an update on the test strategy in the fight against the coronavirus. The press conference was an opportunity to review the conclusions of the first phase of large-scale screening (LST1) of the research taskforce, to draw a first preliminary assessment of […]