Abnormal cold: something is wrong right now

Two realities

North America is divided in two. In the east of the continent, a drop in the cold causes significant temperature anomalies. To the west, an opposite scenario brings intense heat to British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.

abnormal cold

Significant anomalies will be observed in just 24 hours. Between 10 ° C and 15 ° C above and below the norm are expected across the continent. While western Canada enjoys abnormally warm temperatures, Arctic air creeps as far as Florida. In fact, from October 18-20, the early morning of October 18-20 will be colder in Nashville than in Montreal.


Come to Florida

A frost hazard is expected as far as Florida overnight Wednesday through Thursday. In Nashville, TN, a minimum of -2 ° C is expected. This first episode will take place in mid-October while it occurs on average on December 25th. Unusual fact: Montreal has not yet observed mercury below freezing. During a normal autumn, the first frost occurs in the metropolis on October 17.


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