Reason remains above Marešová: Is this the body after childbirth?

That little Alex is a copy of the famous dad is quite evident from the photos, and people are still pointing it out, while they get emotional over such photos. But others can hardly understand that Monika’s wife was ever pregnant. In the photo, where she is holding Alex in her hand and wearing only […]

Sex for immoral purposes

“Above two minutes is socialism. Bolsonaro shouldn’t even take that long.” A two-minute coitus is more than enough for a husband to inseminate his wife. From there, it’s all vice, perversion, and socialism.” This is an article from the weekly Expresso. Click HERE to continue reading. Did you buy the Espresso? Enter the code present […]

NYPD | ‘Sex crimes’ cell under investigation for ‘sexist’ policy

(New York) A major cell of the New York police in charge of sex crimes, which inspired the famous television series “New York, special unit”, is the subject of a major investigation by the American federal justice against its policies “sexist” towards victims of sexual assault. Posted at 4:51 p.m. – – The two New […]

Hurricane Bonnie in Colombia and Venezuela, SEE path of the Tropical Storm: affected areas, when Cyclone DOS will arrive and countries on alert | Saint Andrew | The Guajita | Santa Marta | Gulf of Venezuela | NHC | COLOMBIA

Don’t miss a single detail. if you live in ColombiaYou should know that the second potential cyclone of this year will pass this Thursday through the southern Caribbean Sea, very close to the northern coasts of the Colombian country and Venezuela. Therefore, it is forecast to become Tropical Storm Bonnie on its way west, according […]

The curse of Montgomery Clift, the actor who almost survived Hollywood

Lucia M. CabanelasFOLLOW Madrid Updated:07/01/2022 00:22h Save Related news The Hollywood star’s manual dictated that he had to die young, handsome and without asking many questions to be a legend, like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean, but Montgomery Clift was determined to survive a terrible accident to resurface in the form of a riddle, wrapped […]

Podcast “Anderi Liga”: “Ronaldo would destroy the league in Germany”

Posted Jun 30, 2022 8:28pm The latest episode of Anderi Liga, a 20-minute soccer podcast, focuses on one thing: money. Our podcasters summarize and rate crazy and costly events in the transfer market. 1/3 According to 20-Minute sports director Tobias Wedermann, Cristiano Ronaldo would destroy the Bundesliga. AFP Neither man rules out staying in Manchester. […]

Putin is Happy to be Visited by Jokowi: Welcome Mr President!

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was happy to be visited by the President Joko Widodo in Moscow, Russia, Thursday (30/6). The arrival of Jokowi who brought the peace mission between Ukraine and Russia was warmly welcomed by Putin. “I am very happy to see you in Russia, in Moscow. I […]

Health hazard in Bielefeld, Bochum and Bonn today: Coronavirus: Information from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia on June 30th, 2022

The situation center of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia informs the population in North Rhine-Westphalia. Read here what to expect and what information you must observe in the context of civil protection. The situation center of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia has issued an extremely urgent warning for the population throughout North Rhine-Westphalia […]

– They are trained in attacking gays

He is the first gay man from Qatar to appear in public; Nasser Mohammed now lives in exile in the USA. He still fears for his own life. – I do not feel safe, especially not after I came out officially, he tells TV 2. Homosexuality is criminal and can be punished with up to […]