Celebrations in the streets of New York and Washington for the victory of Biden

The cities of New York and Washington DC showed their euphoria this Saturday at the victory of Democrat Joe Biden over President Donald Trump in the presidential elections from the windows, with the horns of the cars and launching into the streets to celebrate the one that would represent the end of four years of […]

The State of Victoria Records Two Consecutive Days of Zero Covid-19 Cases

Illustration of the handling of Covid-19 by the Australian government. (Source: AAP via ABC Indonesia) MELBOURNE, KOMPAS.TV – States Victoria, Australia, today for the second time recorded no new cases Covid-19. This marks the second day in a row since yesterday, no cases were found Covid-19 new in Victoria. Leader or Premier of the state […]

The Victorian Sex Party Cluster Triggers The Australian Coronavirus Surge

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The state of Victoria, Australia suddenly recorded a spike in cases corona virus allegedly linked to an orgy cluster in the city of Colac, about 150 km from the city of Melbourne. Police said previously they did not know if last month there was a sex party in Colac. Locals are […]

Felipe Caicedo caused a penalty in Lazio’s 2-1 victory over Fiorentina

Lazio remains firm in the fight for the ‘Scudetto’ after obtaining a victory at home against Fiorentina, for the twenty-eighth date of Calcio. The Ecuadorian Felipe Caicedo He was a starter, he played 68 minutes and generated a penalty. After the defeat on matchday 27 against Atalanta, and after Juventus’ victory against Lecce 4-0, Lazio […]

Debreceni fans invade the field to attack players after descending

Other Leagues The nonconformists insulted and stripped the footballers of their own team Debreceni fans invade the field to attack players after descending Lthe violence unleashed on him ftbol de Hungra when a group of radical fans invaded the field of Estadio Nagyerdei, after the match between the Debreceni y el Paksi, of the First […]

What a gem! Paulo Dybala’s great goal in Juventus’ victory over Lecce

Daniel Molina Durango Junio 26, 2020 – 04:29 p. m. 2020-06-26 By: Drafting of El País We have to thank football for the quality of Argentine striker Paulo Dybala. The Juventus footballer is going through a great moment after the resumption of Serie A, and on Friday he scored a tremendous goal in his team’s […]

40,000 corona dead: Johnson’s war rhetoric no longer moves

BBefore Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s approval ratings had dropped to a low. Just twelve percent of the voters remained loyal to the US President. A few days after the Japanese attack, Roosevelt turned to the nation. His radio address should go down in American history as a speech about […]

46-year-old wife of Anton Makarsky is waiting for the third “idiot”?

Late pregnancy, apparently, does not scare Victoria at all. The popular Russian actor Anton Makarsky often said in an interview that he simply dreamed of a large large family. And now, it seems, the desire of the star of “Poor Nastya” will come true, because his beautiful wife Victoria will no longer be able to […]