Putin is Happy to be Visited by Jokowi: Welcome Mr President!

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was happy to be visited by the President Joko Widodo in Moscow, Russia, Thursday (30/6).

The arrival of Jokowi who brought the peace mission between Ukraine and Russia was warmly welcomed by Putin.

“I am very happy to see you in Russia, in Moscow. I know this is your first visit to our country,” Putin said in his official statement.

Putin said Indonesia is one of the countries that has very good relations with Russia.

“Importantly, we develop our relations in all areas, such as economics, politics and security, and of course, efforts to counter the threat of terrorism,” he said.

According to Putin, Indonesia is interested in developing relations with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). For this reason Russia decided in May to start the process of rapprochement with this regional organization.

“Last year, our trade increased 42 percent and is growing even faster this year,” he wrote.

Putin revealed that before meeting Jokowi in person, the two had spoken by telephone about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“When we spoke by telephone, you expressed concern and interest in the issue of resolving the crisis in Ukraine, in the Donbass. I will tell you in detail about everything that is happening there and about our perspective on this issue,” he said.

“Welcome, Mr President!” said Putin.

In the direct meeting, Jokowi also conveyed several things, including opening up space for dialogue for Ukraine-Russia. Jokowi is also willing to be a communication bridge between the two leaders. Not to forget Jokowi urged that the Russia-Ukraine war be ended immediately.


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