Reason remains above Marešová: Is this the body after childbirth?

That little Alex is a copy of the famous dad is quite evident from the photos, and people are still pointing it out, while they get emotional over such photos. But others can hardly understand that Monika’s wife was ever pregnant. In the photo, where she is holding Alex in her hand and wearing only a swimsuit, it would be difficult to find postpartum pounds. Monika can once again boast of a fantastic figure!

Alex softened the fans and Monika shocked with her figure. • photo:

eMobilita s Leoš Mareš from a to Z

It is evident that the wife of Leoš Mareš knows her figure and knows how to work with it. She is thus an inspiration to many women who admire her determination. It is not surprising, however, that in order for the figure to look good after giving birth, you have to work on it even before the pregnancy itself. Naturally, a body that is used to exercise will recover faster.

Monika Marešová se by a son who has outgrown her: How was the last meeting with Karl Gott?

And how does it have a recipe for a perfect body? It is said that she does a lot with a stroller, which is approved and welcomed by a well-known doctor. “The absolute minimum that a woman should have is about 12 hours of walking or similar movement per week. But we are not talking about losing weight, but about being healthy. Even under socialism, the average mother on maternity leave had about 28 hours of exercise per week, which is already an amount that could affect her fitness.” she shared her advice with the server ŽivotvČ Kateřina Cajthamlová.

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