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June 30, 2022 at 5:41 p.m.

One of Telemundo’s successful telenovelas that has gone around the world has been ‘Victoria’. The Peruvian actress, Diana Quijano, played ‘Camila Matiz’, a friend of the protagonist who in the plot of the novel sick with breast cancer.

Camila Matiz, was the best friend of the protagonist, played by Victoria Ruffo, who after her husband’s infidelity discovers a world she did not know and manages to empower herself until she manages to forge her own business, she reviewed USA Herald.

The character of Diana Quijano she discovers that she has breast cancer and after undergoing the removal of one of her breasts she manages to survive, thus recovering her sense of humor and fun personality.

Real life hits Diana

It turns out that real life hits and hits Diana hard, Well, it turns out that after several medical studies, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I was diagnosed with the same thing (as Camila Matiz), the only difference is that mine is not called cancer, mine is called Filiberto. At first I used to joke around a lot, but I really don’t want Filiberto to stay in my body. I will do whatever it takes to make him go away and I will need your help, “said Diana Quijano.

The Peruvian actress is going through one of the most difficult chapters of her life and required social networks to ask their fans for help and fight against this evil that has taken the lives of thousands of women in the world.

urgently need surgery

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Diana talks about her health and details that he does not have health insurance and his economic resources to combat this disease are limitedespecially after the job shortage brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the publication it is reported that she requires an emergency operation to remove a cancerous tumor in the right breast and the details of the accounts in which you can contribute from different cities are given.

Before the announcement, former colleagues from television projects come together to support the 60-year-old actress, including Victoria Ruffo herself and Marlene Favela, with whom he also shared credits in the telenovela “La Gata”.

“Let’s go with everything Dianita, we are with you and get out of this”, “You are not alone beautiful !!!!”, “I hug you strong. Here we are”, “You are STRONG and Diosito will give you the strength you need to win the battle against Filiberto. You are not alone”, are some messages of encouragement from her followers.

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