A rubber-wheeled tram that takes electricity from the asphalt

In the southern part of Paris, buses unusual for the Hungarian eye may soon be available. Including the French capital and its surroundings Ile-de-France the region’s transport manager has decided to buy double-decker buses with a large capacity. The choice was made by Van Hool, which already has significant experience in the production of such … Read more

Suspect Knocks Woman Unconscious, Then Rapes Her Inside Bronx Building – NBC New York

A woman was violently attacked and raped Friday afternoon inside a Bronx apartment building. The suspect performed the act after choking her unconscious. The uniformed said that the violation occurred around 2:30 pm in a building located in Davidson Avenue and West 190th Street on Fordham Manor. The man allegedly grabbed the 27-year-old woman by … Read more

Brazil adds more than 654,000 deaths from covid in two years of pandemic | News

Brazil, one of the countries in the world most affected by the covid-19 pandemic, accumulates 654,945 deaths from coronavirus, exactly two years after the registration of the first death from the disease, the Government reported. With a population of 210 million inhabitants, Brazil is, in absolute numbers, the second country in number of deaths from … Read more

Harry offended the British terribly. “You’re not going to Mass for your grandfather, are you?” they ask

– Prince Harry came under fire from the British public and the royal family. He will not attend the memorial service for his grandfather Prince Philip. But he found time to attend a sporting event in The Hague, the Netherlands, which takes place just a few weeks after Mass. According to the immediate surroundings of … Read more

I Love America – film 2021

The film hesitates between biographical drama and romantic comedy. If the childhood memories and what is told about the relationship with the mother of the narrator, is rather moving, everything related to the search for love is completely useless, often falling into vulgarity, a bad comedy of situation and unnecessarily crude dialogues. The gay best … Read more

The war in Ukraine has a strong impact on the Polish housing market: problems with workers on construction sites. [12.03.2022]

Two weeks have passed since the military aggression of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, and this has already been reflected in the real estate market, which is a litmus test of what is happening beyond our eastern border. A very large part of the flats disappeared from the rental market at that … Read more