Pathé cancels premiere documentary FvD member Van Meijeren | Inland

The cinema chain says it was unable to see the documentary GIDEON prior to renting out the hall. The documentary would premiere on Monday at the same time as another documentary. In retrospect, Pathé says that he “inquired insufficiently about the content of the documentaries.” The other documentary, Generation C – A Cry For Help, is about the mental health of students and young people during the corona pandemic. Pathé has asked the organizer of the event to look for another location.

The documentary GIDEON is an “in-depth search for answers about vaccination policies and vaccines against Covid-19,” the description reads. “He will still find answers that Gideon did not receive in the Chamber.” The screening in the Tuschinski theater would be a one-off, after the premiere in Amsterdam the documentary could be seen on the blckbx platform.

Van Meijeren was previously discredited after claims about the corona policy in which he cited the Second World War. He said in September, among other things, that the same happened to people who have not been vaccinated against the corona virus, with all kinds of restrictions, as the Jewish community at the time.

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