Harry offended the British terribly. “You’re not going to Mass for your grandfather, are you?” they ask

Prince Harry came under fire from the British public and the royal family. He will not attend the memorial service for his grandfather Prince Philip. But he found time to attend a sporting event in The Hague, the Netherlands, which takes place just a few weeks after Mass. According to the immediate surroundings of the royal family, the prince is just making excuses.

Britain is preparing for the anniversary of the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth’s husband. In April, it will be the year since Elizabeth’s widow. Therefore, a memorial service for the deceased prince is scheduled for March 29 at Westminster Abbey.

However, one important character will be missing from the Mass. Prince Harry, Prince Philip’s grandson, announced that he would not attend the service. According to the portal Daily Mail Harry, who lives permanently with his wife Meghan in California, will not come to Britain for safety concerns.

It is primarily his personal protection. Harry, who has relinquished his royal privileges, feels that the security he has been given would not take good care of him and would not provide him with perfect safety.

According to Angela Levinová, an expert on the royal family, however, the prince is just making excuses. “Harry misunderstood the whole thing. If he attends a crown event, he gets police protection. But when he goes out with friends, he no longer has the right to protection,” Levin explained. According to her, Harry will use the same excuse to pull himself out of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

As if it wasn’t enough for Harry not to attend Mass for his grandfather, the prince has one more wound in reserve. Just a few weeks after the service, he will fly to The Hague in the Netherlands to attend the Invictus Games. These games were founded by Harry himself in 2014 to support military veterans.

It is expected that not attending the service under Prince Philip Harry will not improve the already strained relations with the royal family. In addition, Harry plans to release his memoirs in which he is unlikely to spare his family. Prince’s autobiography is due out later this year.

You can see why relations between Harry and the rest of the royal family are strained in the report:


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