20 minutes – Youtuberin baby dies at Christmas

Just six days ago, she posted a happy Christmas picture of her family of seven. “Happy Christmas Eve from our very loud, crazy and beautiful patchwork family,” wrote Brittani Boren Leach (29) under the photo.

Two days later, the grief could not be greater: “I currently have no words,” wrote the British Youtuber on a photo in which she holds her child’s hands. «Please pray for my baby. This can not be true.”

He wasn’t breathing anymore

The influencer describes what happened: They would have celebrated Christmas with relatives when they slept with their three-month-old son Crew for a little nap. When she later wanted to check that everything was right, he didn’t breathe. “We’re going through a nightmare and I’m dying inside.”

Brittani Boren Leach has obviously chosen to share her suffering with her followers. In further pictures she shows her son Crew on a ventilator in the hospital. It shows how she lies next to him and fears for him and how she sits on the floor and cries bitterly.

Brittani’s latest Youtube video from December 20th. Crew played a prominent role in it, as has usually been the case since birth. (Source: Youtube / Brittani Boren Leach)

Organs donated

And she communicates her feelings openly. That she was angry with God. And angry with the people who laugh in the next room while tests are being carried out on their son’s body and they are pumping milk to throw it away.

The damage to Crew’s brain was irreparable, her boy dies. “Crews’ tiny, earthly body is still with us, although I know that he is already dancing and playing in heaven,” says the grieving mother.

The family decided to donate the organs. “Crew will come to the operating room tomorrow at noon to potentially save three to four baby lives,” Brittani said on Monday. “Tonight, we’re taking him in every moment by bathing, holding, and loving him.”


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