20 minutes – video loads Kanye in the beef with Taylor Swift

A video has recently been circulating that Kanye West (42) appears to be showing during a phone call to Taylor Swift (30) in 2016. This is to prove that Swift did not know in advance that West would call her “Bitch” in his song “Famous”.

The background: In 2016 Kanye West released his single “Famous” in which he insulted Taylor Swift. The lyrics: «I have a feeling Taylor and I may still have sex. Why? I made this bitch famous. »

These lines of text refer to the moment at the 2009 MTV Music Awards when Kanye West crashed Taylor’s acceptance speech at the award for best video to make it clear that, in his opinion, Beyoncé deserved the award.

(Source: Youtube / DAMN. BE #reputation)

Taylor commented on the lyrics and unsurprisingly declared them disrespectful. Kanye, in turn, justified himself by revealing that he had called her beforehand to get approval for the lines.

Kim Kardashian gets involved

Taylor Swift never denied the call, but claimed to have known nothing of the last line (“I made this bitch famous”). Then Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian (39) intervened.

She posted a snippet of the phone conversation on Snapchat in which Taylor appears to have approved of the song. Afterwards, the anger on social media against Taylor Swift was so great that she temporarily withdrew from the platforms.

What is said in the conversation?

Today, four years later, the video of the leaked phone call sheds new light on the situation. Because during the entire conversation Taylor is not asked whether the “Bitch” line is okay for her too. In the clip you can see how Kanye expresses himself to really say the line. He only talks about how “controversial” she is.

It is currently unknown who published the video. Taylor’s fans have launched the new hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty, which is featured on Twitter – and with which they criticize Kanye for his approach. Kanye’s answer shouldn’t be long in coming.

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Here is the entire conversation.

(Source: Twitter / SWIFTIES)



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