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According to the WHO, the speed of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a problem. After the summer slump, the number of newly confirmed cases is currently rising sharply, in many countries around the world. Infection is increasing rapidly, especially in Europe. It’s not just about that Czech, but also Slovenska, Poland, Austria or The Netherlands.

Global growth is slowly approaching 400,000 a day. Globally, the most populous states, such as Indie, USA, Mexico a Brazil. In Europe, in absolute numbers, the number of infected is currently growing the most in France, Britain, Spain a Russia.

Slovakia and Poland will tighten

A jump in newly infected reports Slovakia, the daily increase approached two thousand on Friday. Prime Minister Igor Matovic has therefore already announced the tightening of measures. Slovak Minister of Education Branislav Gröhling said during a meeting of the crisis staff on Sunday that all secondary schools will switch to distance learning from Monday.

According to the Minister, kindergartens and primary schools will operate in the current regime. However, outdoor schools, swimming courses and similar activities are being canceled. There are reportedly no major outbreaks in secondary schools, but the introduction of online teaching will reduce pupils’ mobility and should contribute to a slower spread of the disease. Some universities have already introduced online teaching.

Chief hygienist Ján Mikas has previously said that the country has no choice. “We will present the measures to the Central Crisis Staff with a great request to all citizens of the Slovak Republic to comply with them. Without it, the effect will pass and we can go the way of the Czech Republic, if not worse, “he said.

Out only with a veil

V Polish the numbers of newly confirmed cases of covid-19 also reached their highest values ​​so far. For example, on Friday it was over five thousand cases, on Thursday it was close to five thousand. People had to put on veils, not only indoors, they should also wear them outdoors.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki did not rule out that the government could declare a state of emergency, as has already happened in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He also announced further measures on Saturday – seniors will have time to shop in stores. There should also be a move to distance learning in schools. Most newly infected are in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship on the border with Slovakia.

On the contrary in Germany the number of newly infected has decreased. In the country, 3483 people were infected with coronavirus in the last day. Germany thus interrupted the rising trend of recent days, but the DPA agency warns that the numbers are always lower on weekends. On Friday, an infection in almost five thousand people was confirmed in a country with an eightfold population of the Czech Republic.

In Russia, the situation is worst in Moscow

So far, the highest increase is also reported Mask. “This is the first time that more than 13,000 people have been infected in Russia in a single day,” Kommersant said on its website on Sunday. The previous highest figure with less than thirteen thousand was from Saturday.

The most new cases of the disease from all over the country, four and a half thousand, were again in Moscow. It is in the Russian capital that stricter measures have already begun to apply. For example, people over the age of 65 and the chronically ill have to stay at home, and employers have had to send some workers to a so-called home office.

The number of positive tests in India is close to that in the USA

The situation is not good either India, although in this country, where 1.35 billion people live, the officially recorded daily increments are declining. India has already reported more than seven million infected, bringing it closer to the world‘s worst affected country, USA. The United States has reported about 7.7 million infections since the beginning of the pandemic. However, the level of testing varies from country to country, so actual data may differ significantly.

According to official data, daily increments are in the order of tens of thousands, for example, in the last day there were almost 75,000 new cases. India experienced a sharp rise in the covid-19 epidemic, especially in the summer, with two million more infected in August and another three in September. Now, however, the growth rate of the number of infected is declining slightly after the daily balance was almost one hundred thousand in mid-September.

Experts: Numbers are one thing, but the number of tests is also important

Some experts argue that infection statistics may not be very meaningful in the case of India due to the vastness of the country, reporting shortcomings and a small number of tests. Although India reports more than a million tests a day, according to the AP, the local authorities include antibody tests in the total number of tests, which are not as reliable as PCR tests.

The world media has recently reported that people are no longer paying attention to recommended measures, such as wearing veils or keeping their spacing. The authorities are concerned, for example in India due to the approaching season of religious holidays, when large numbers of people gather in temples, city centers and households.


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