Digital education soon on the Jura school curriculum

Digital education is entering the curriculum of the Jura school. A new course will be introduced in 7P (students aged 10-11) from the next school year in August. It will be gradually extended to the following levels thereafter. Its content will be structured around three axes: – computer science, which will allow familiarization with coding […]

‘The little vampire’, good animated film

‘The rabbi’s cat’, the saga of ‘The dungeon’ or ‘Vampir’, of unquestionable plastic beauty, are some of the albums created by Joann Sfar (Nice, 1971), a multidisciplinary author obsessed with sex, Judaism , love and French society. In his prolific career, he has dared to adapt two important French myths, the iconic Serge Gainsbourg for […]

Federer withdraws from Australian Open

Former world No.1 Roger Federer withdraws from the Australian Open. He must continue his recovery after two knee operations, organizers said on Monday. This is the first time in his career that Roger Federer will miss this tournament. The 39-year-old Bâlois had ceased sporting activity since February but had recently resumed training and was on […]

Plagiarized by explosive clothing, CLAMP “Tokyo Babylon 2021” postponed | 4Gamers

Adapted from the CLAMP comic of the same name “Tokyo Babylon 2021” (Tokyo Babylon 2021) TV animation previously broke the character clothing plagiarism controversy, the official announced today (24) that this work will be postponed, the exact date has not been determined. “Tokyo Babylon” is a fantasy comic series serialized by Japanese manga creation group […]

Mistakes have crept into the Monopoly Jura

A box in the game that does not relate to any existing card and a photo that does not fit into the context. Barely released, the Monopoly Jura made several players react. Errors have indeed crept into the board game produced by the company Unique Gaming Partners, based in Liechtenstein. The latter notably had to […]