No, hls sellers. If you are interested in the new Apple Watch, take a look

Watch Series 7 was introduced by Apple together with iPhones 13 and other news from the 14th of the day. jna. Just a day later, the bag from the eight generations of Apple Watch became a shortage of goods, domestic retailers and, with minor exceptions, zero-times this news. Information about the availability of the watch […]

Apple watch 7 objednte from 8. jna, koupte from ptku 15. jna

Information began to appear in the summer that Apple was having problems with the production of the seven generations of Watch watches, and that their premiere and sale would be justified. In the end, Apple did not postpone the premiere, but the sale started and in the middle of June, ie msc after the premiere. […]

Then you can order a copy of the Apple Watch Series 7

In connection with Apple’s September event was shown Apple Watch Series 7 up, but we received no concrete information about when the new watch will go on sale. Now Apple announces that it will be possible to pre-order the watch from Friday at 14.00. Then the official sales start will take place on October 15. […]

Apple releases new beta version of Watch OS 8

On Tuesday night, Apple released the eighth pre-release version of Watch OS 8 to developers and other beta testers. There do not seem to be any major changes compared to previous beta versions, so expect that the focus now is on optimizing the operating system and overcoming various bugs. Read more: The most important news […]

Apple launches international bracelets for Apple Watch

Apple on Tuesday launched a “international collectionWith 22 colorful bracelets for the Apple Watch, something that fits well considering that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will start in a few weeks. The bracelets are of the sportloop type and the countries you can choose from are Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great […]

A decent smart watch doesn’t have to cost two thousand. Or even less

So far, Realme has introduced the new watch globally or for Europe. Czech prices and availability have not yet been published by the domestic branch, but we can relatively easily derive them from European prices. Realme is very ambitious and is starting to form the whole ecosystem of its products. Like Xiaomi, which is the […]

Problems updating the Apple Watch Series 3

Many Apple Watch Series 3 users have recently had difficulty installing updates to the Watch OS operating system, reports 9to5Mac. In the past, Apple has tried to solve the problem by temporarily deleting apps and music, but now the recommendation is that users who have problems with the update should restore the system completely. The […]

Health Analysis Feature on Smart Watch

loading… JAKARTA – Amazfit launched the series smart watch The latest is the AmazfitBip U Series from the wearable line, the AmazfitBip U and AmazfitBip U Pro. This lightweight and attractive smartwatch is designed to provide health and fitness tracking features. Through its release, Amazfit revealed that the AmazfitBip U Series is packed with technology […]