These 6 types of vegetables should be wary of diabetics

Diabetes logo illustration. Photo: Antara – People with diabetes can not be arbitrary in choosing food. They must choose the food that is consumed daily properly so that blood sugar levels remain stable. If you ignore this, the risk of complications can increase. In general, diabetics should avoid intakes that are high in carbohydrates […]

In Zaporozhye, a fast food shooting occurred over french fries

Photo: Arrow faces up to seven years in prison The men did not split the order at McDonald’s and one shot at the other. After that, the shooter fled, but his identity was identified. In Zaporozhye, customers of a McDonald’s fast food restaurant did not divide the order and one of the customers fired […]

Remove gray hair with potato skins – with start arriving when the age begins to age. Those of you who are not confident appearing in a silver-white crown will try your best to get rid of it OTHERSThis gray. The period of the birth of these gray hairs is different. Those who are less fortunate, will grow gray hair at […]

More than 2,000 farmers already receive the kits from the Field Days

The health crisis has prevented CAMPO from resuming holding technical seminars, that every year bring together thousands of farmers from Castilla y León. In a singular way, the Potato Day of El Carpio (Valladolid) The season of this tuber opens every year and in 2021 it was time to celebrate the ninth edition. The agrarian […]

In Paris, hundreds of students march against “all deleterious distancing”

With five of their comrades, at the foot of the statue of Georges Bernanos, they are immersed in the manufacture of anti-Vidal signs, the Minister of Higher Education. Arrivals a good hour early in front of the Crous du Ve arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Port-Royal RER station, Inès and Ariane have a lot […]

The sweet potato is the food of the moment: 5 benefits you should know – FOOD

It doesn’t matter if you know it as a sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato or sweet potato – their incredible benefits should be the real center of attention. Ipomoea batatas L, is a perennial dicotyledonous plant that is grouped in the Convolvulaceae family and stands out among other foods for its contributions to our […]