‘The Flash’: Filmed photos leaked with first look at the Batmobile and the Batcave

The shooting of ‘The Flash’ is going like a bolt (sorry). Everything in order, only that maybe Warner Bros. should be thinking about improving security, because they are not being able to prevent leaks. We’ve seen paparazzi photos showing us Michael Keaton playing a grizzled Bruce Wayne and Batman’s mansion … and now we have […]

Gray hair triumphs in Cannes (Photos)

Cannes Film Festival Photos: Reuters After no one could see them on the red carpet for a long time and the actresses were horrified at the thought of them, the gray hair appeared on the Croisette in Cannes, where actress and model Andy McDowell and actress and director Jody Foster showed their natural hair, AFP […]

“I was here”: Actresses Stefania Koleva and Milena Markova with a joint song

“I was here” is the song of Milena Markova and Stefania Koleva. FRAME: YOU WOULD Actresses Stefania Koleva and Milena Markova were guests in the studio of the show “120 minutes”to tell interesting details about their joint song “I was here” – a summer song full of mood. See what happens when the theater meets […]

James Gunn reveals how the two ‘Suicide Squad’ movies connect

After the critical failure that was ‘Suicide Squad’ by David Ayer, warner decided to give the characters a facelift and hired James Gunn to make a somewhat different sequel that has ended up being titled ‘The Suicide Squad’ and will be released in theaters this next August 6. We are clear that it is not […]

Stan Lee already has his own street in New York

Stan Lee he was lucky to enjoy a lot of tributes in life. Surely you would have been amazed to discover that for a few days he already has his own street in New York near the institute where he studied. Fans of the Spider-Man creator already have a new pilgrimage site in the Bronx. […]

‘Love is in the air’: one of the actresses leaves the series

Melisa Döngel, famous in Spain for her role as Ceren in the Turkish soap opera ‘Love is in the air’, will not appear in the second season of the series, according to the Sensacine portal. The actress will now focus on a new project: the Turkish version of ‘Cunning Single Lady’, a blockbuster Korean drama. […]

Children of Artists More Famous Than Their Parents (Pt. 2)

Which children of artists who are more famous than their parents do you know? Here a second installment made by Catta Blanco. Talent is often inherited and that is why we are discovering singers or actors who carry a gift in their blood, following in the footsteps of their parents, which is why they are […]