A new determination by FIFA from Al-Ittihad. Locate out the aspects! • Sports activities Observatory

Al-Marsad Sporting activities: Legal Ahmed Al-Sheikhi has discovered a new conclusion by the Global Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) towards the Al-Ittihad Club. Al-Sheikhi wrote on his official Twitter account: – FIFA stops club Al-Ittihad from registering new players locally and internationally and sends a letter to the Saudi Football Association for implementation (we maintain […]

Major Chinese groups withdraw from the New York Stock Exchange… Here are the details

Five Chinese companies, including two of the country’s largest oil groups, announced on Friday their withdrawal from the New York Stock Exchange in the United States. Sinopec and PetroChina, one of the world’s largest energy groups, said in separate statements that they would apply for a “voluntary withdrawal” from the US stock market. Similar announcements […]

A man killed his ex-wife with stones in Tervel (Updated)

– – – A forensic examination of the victim has already been ordered A woman was killed in Tervel this morning, said District Prosecutor Radoslav Buhchev, who is in the Dobrudzha town. He added that details of the serious crime will be given around 4 pm. The killer is being searched. Faredin, a 51-year-old construction […]

Teodor Davchev died of acute respiratory and cardiovascular insufficiency

– – – Acute respiratory and cardiovascular failure is the cause of death. This is written in the epicrisis of 18-year-old Teodor Davchev, who died in the neurosurgery of St. George University Hospital in Plovdiv, announced bTV. The details become clear from the document that the parents have. At the moment, the conclusion of the […]

Stefan left, his mother begged for double euthanasia for 4 years

– – Renee’s mother has cared for Stefan since he was born. – The 31-year-old Stefan died, for whom his mother prayed for 4 years for double euthanasia – for her and her son. “168 Hours” wrote in April about the young man when he had a severe seizure after COVID-19 – see details about […]

Policeman was shot dead in Sweden for the first time in 14 years

Sweden shoots a police officer for the first time in 14 years – – The policeman was talking to several people when they started shooting at him. The police did not release details of the incident. In Sweden, a policeman died in hospital after being wounded in a shooting in one of the districts of […]