British historian Niall Ferguson refutes idea of ​​Chinese rule in ‘Disasters’

Niall Ferguson. / R. C. His books address the most diverse topics and always with the utmost rigor, supported by excellent documentation, but without fleeing from controversy. Nothing is beyond the reach of Niall Ferguson (Glasgow, 1964), possibly the most prominent and controversial British historian. His country, empires, world wars, the economy … His books […]

What is Facebook Metaverse? This is the explanation

SURABAYA RAYA ZONE – Facebook officially announced that it would soon hire 10,000 highly skilled workers in Europe to help build the “metaverse”, which it sees as the future of the internet. Founding father Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that about how Facebook will transition effectively from people who see it as a social media company […]

Another vaccine donation is coming, but an idea that was there loses steam

On May 5, 2021, access vaccines against coronavirus it was still a complicated mission for most countries. That day, Joe Biden shocked the world when he supported the temporary release of patents. More than three months after that declaration, the events were in charge of returning the president of the United States to the path […]

Córdoba alerts to the passage of tropical waves

With an orange and yellow alert, the environmental authorities in Córdoba are maintained before the passage of tropical waves this weekend in Córdoba. In the last hours there were heavy rains and in some cases accompanied by electrical activity. “Given these conditions, the environmental authorities in Córdoba declared a yellow alert in the lower basin […]

What’s behind the explosive increase in rapeseed and carinata planting in Uruguay

The expansion of the area cultivated with these winter oilseeds, estimated at almost 50 thousand hectares compared to last year’s record (+ 42%), underpins a consistent reality in recent years: in 2014 these crops occupied just 10,000 hectares, with a very marginal presence and almost in an exploratory way. The passage of the years was […]

A mother of 6 children lost 75 kg per year

An Australian woman reveals the battles that women with many children have to fight No matter how much it is said that children are a fortune, in the western world women with many children are not looked upon favorably. The general idea is that if you have more than two, there is no way to […]

That idea from Spain – Levante-EMV

It is the same Spain where each autonomy manages the pandemic according to its procedure but then the consequences are shared. It is of little use to the Valencian Community to have the lowest incidence of infections in Europe because then most countries make decisions about Spain as a whole. It is the inheritance (I […]

POINT OF VIEW. “Macronism, an idea that is gaining ground”

“Socialist deputy, in October 2014, I submitted a report to the new Minister of the Economy, a work in which I was deeply involved. It deals with the regulated professions of law and health, with a view to feeding the bill that the minister is preparing. This report, I entitled it “For a new youth”, […]