The car of the sheikh who disappeared in Akkar found in North Lebanon

Security forces found on Friday the vehicle of Sheikh Ahmad Rifai, missing since Monday, near Haykal hospital in Koura (North Lebanon), a source from the Internal Security Forces (ISF) told L’Orient- The day. Our correspondent in the region Michel Hallak reports that the FSI have set up a security cordon around the vehicle and are […]

Mexico, sovereign leadership in North America

By Fadlala Akabani Despite the darkest and most poisonous omens, on Sunday, January 8, at the Felipe Ángeles Airport, Air Force One landed, from which the President of the United States descended, Joe Biden; The next day, it was the turn of the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. This subtle detail is relevant, because […]

La Jornada – Brazil declares public health emergency for Amazon tribe

Brasilia. The Brazilian government declared a public health emergency for the Yanomami people of the Amazon, who suffer from malnutrition and diseases such as malaria as a result of illegal mining. The decree, signed on Friday by Health Minister Nisia Trindade, does not have an expiration date and allows additional staff to be hired. It […]

Study Reveals Squid Brain Development Similar to Humans, How come?

Jakarta – Recently, a study revealed interesting facts about brain development squid which turned out to be similar to humans. Even so, both clearly do not mean that they come from the same ancestor. Studies published in the journal Current Biology in December 2022 it concluded that the brains of cephalopods (cephalopods), a term for […]

Lula da Silva has officially been sworn in as the new president of Brazil

Brasilia – Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was officially sworn in as President of Brazil on Sunday (01/01), a position he held from 2003 to 2010. The 77-year-old secured a third term after defeating far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in October 2022 in the closest presidential election in decades. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT Lula’s promise […]

Octopus Vision System, made up of 26,000 cells in the brain

WASHINGTON, iNews Ponorogo – Not many know that animal Soft-bodied cephalopods, such as squid, octopuses and cuttlefish, have the largest brain of all invertebrates (spineless animals). Where those two-thirds of the computing network in the center of his brain for view. This marine creature has excellent eyesight, even in the dark. The skin of the […]

The big squid ran aground in Africa

Photo: Twitter / TimDee4 In Africa, a squid with a 30 centimeter eye ran aground – – The 1st images of big squid in their standard habitat appeared only in 2004. They managed to develop a team of Japanese experts. In South Africa, two huge squid have been uncovered on a seashore in Scarborough, around […]

Why Are Deep Sea Animals Giant?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The low temperature and lack of oxygen are thought to be the cause of the very large size of the animals in the deep sea. The reason is, this condition causes the metabolism of these animals to be very slow. Animals such as squid, sea spiders, worms, and various other types […]

Official – Madura United Signs Ex-Brazil National Team Striker

INSTAGRAM/@LULINHA.OFFICIAL – New Madura United player Luiz Marcelo Morais dos Reis. – BOLASPORT.COM – Madura United officially binding Luiz Marcelo Morais do Reis ‘squid‘for Liga 1 Next season. This announcement was made via the club’s official Instagram page (@maduraunited.fc) on Monday (9/5/2022). “Seeing his achievements, Madura did not hesitate to sign him.” “He will be […]