A previously unknown strain of COVID-19 revealed in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic discovered “own” type of mutation of coronavirus The new variant of the coronavirus is no more dangerous than the British or South African. His study continues. A new type of mutation of coronavirus infection has been identified in the Czech Republic, reported on Monday, March 29, Czech Television. It is noted […]

Covid-19. The South African variant would immunize against the other variants

Even if it is still to be taken with a grain of salt, this is good news. A preliminary study carried out in South Africa tends to show that people infected with South African variant of novel coronavirus have better immunity to other mutations in the virus, experts said on Wednesday. A preliminary study on […]

Covid. The Indian Ocean at war with the South African variant

In RĂ©union and especially in Mayotte, a race against time is launched against the multiplication of infections in South African variant 501.V2 of the coronavirus. While researchers from the RĂ©union laboratory are working day and night on its sequencing, elected officials, health and state authorities are closing airports, ports and limiting the gatherings so essential […]

Coronavirus. A first case of the South African variant confirmed in Canada

A case of contamination by new variant of the Covid-19 virus identified in South Africa was detected in Alberta, the first reported in Canada, revealed Friday the head of the health authorities of this province. “Alberta has detected its first case of the South African variant of Covid-19”, announced on Twitter the chief of public […]

Covid-19. The South African variant no more dangerous than the British one

Nothing proves that the new strain of coronavirus identified in South Africa either more dangerous or contagious than its British cousin, defended the South African Minister of Health Zwelini Mkhize, responding to his British counterpart. No elements or evidence Today there is no evidence that the 501.V2 is more transmissible than the UK variant, as […]

Another genetically modified corona virus in the UK; Reported to be more dangerous

London: A genetically modified corona virus has also been found in the UK. The virus was found in two people from South Africa. Recent reports suggest that the virus may be more contagious than those found in the UK. With this, people from South Africa were banned in Britain. Read Exclusive COVID-19 Coronavirus News updates, […]