Boyko Borisov extraordinary joined from Grashevo (Live)

GERB leader Boyko Borissov took part in an extraordinary live account on his Facebook account. The former prime minister is currently in the village of Grashevo, Velingrad municipality. Journalists asked him to comment on the requested resignation of Ivan Geshev and on the news from Delyan Peevski. Asked about Tsatsarov’s resignation, Borissov said that on […]

The Parliament of South Africa is on fire

Cape Town PHOTO: Pixabay A large fire broke out this morning in the South African parliament in Cape Town, AFP journalists reported from the scene, BTA reports. A column of thick smoke rises above the building. “The roof caught fire and the National Assembly building is on fire,” a spokesman for the rescue services told […]

Radio Liberty journalist detained in Minsk

Photo: Security officials in Minsk detained journalist Oleg Gruzdilovich The Belarusian security forces broke down the doors in the journalist’s house and took him away. He faces up to four years in prison. A journalist of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty, Oleg Gruzdilovich, was detained in Minsk. This was announced on Thursday, December […]

Journalists at Putin’s press conference to be treated with silver particles – media

Photo: This is one of the measures taken due to COVID-19 Media workers will also receive protective masks treated with an antibacterial solution of nanosilver. Media representatives who will participate in the annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin will be treated with silver particles before the event. This was stated by the […]

They discover a new genetic regulation pathway associated with obesity

Researchers have discovered a new mechanism involved in the development of obesity. The reduction in the expression of a group of microRNAs, small molecules that regulate the expression of specific genes, causes an increase in the expression of the gamma synuclein gene (SNCG) that ends up promoting the expansion of fat deposits. The finding is […]

Facebook warns that 50,000 people would be subject to surveillance | The World | DW

The social network Facebook on Thursday (12/16/2021) alerted about 50,000 people in more than a hundred countries that they could be the object of surveillance by “cybermercenaries” who work for both government agencies and companies. Meta, the parent company of FacebookHe assured in a statement that he warned all those people that he suspected they […]

Alec Baldwin tried to chase the journalist away with an umbrella

Фото: Getty Images Actor Alec Baldwin The actor suffers from increased media attention after the tragedy on the set, and recently did not hold back his emotions. American actor and producer Alec Baldwin faces increased press attention after filming incident Rust… The other day, he could not resist, and tried to drive away the New […]