American journalist Evan Gershkovich jailed in Russia on espionage charges

Door onze entertainmentredactie 23 mei 2023 om 17:41Update: een uur geleden A Moscow court has ordered American journalist Evan Gershkovich to be remanded in custody for three months longer. Investigators from the Russian intelligence service FSB had requested this, the Russian news agency reports RIA Novosti. Russia arrested the 32-year-old journalist from The Wall Street […]

DW | March 21, 2023 | Three TV Journalists in Ecuador receive explosive devices.

Journalists from three television channels in Ecuador received on Monday (03.20.2023) envelopes with pen drives (USB) loaded with explosives, and one exploded in front of a reporter without causing serious injuries, reported the Police and the affected media. the private chain ecuavisa alerted that its journalist Lenin Artieda received an envelope with a pendrive and […]

Turkish journalists arrested for earthquake coverage

FacebookMir Ali Kocher NOS News•today, 08:59 At least four Turkish journalists have recently been arrested and questioned for reporting on the country’s earthquakes. The BBC said one of the arrested journalists. The freelancer Mir Ali Koçer posted stories from survivors and rescuers on Twitter. He recently had to report to the police station on suspicion […]

Alec Baldwin is furious with reporters despite winning his legal case

Written by Reham Abdullah Wednesday, February 22, 2023 02:30 PM Camera lenses took pictures of the artist Alec Baldwin Outside his home in Manhattan, hours after he scored a victory in his ongoing first-degree murder case, as his potential prison term was reduced from a minimum of five years to a maximum of 18 months.. […]

Game show Who knows? TVN Dorota Wellman when the broadcast of the Let’s Ask America rule who came up with it

“Who knows that?” is the Polish version of the “Let’s Ask America” ​​format, which was created in 2012 for MGM Television. Warner Bros. is responsible for distribution. Domestic Television Distribution. The broadcast is a television game, not broadcast live, in which you participate via instant messenger, without being present in the studio. >>> – […]

Refusal to vaccinate against COVID-19 in the Spanish population

Europe is experiencing an increasing circulation of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Along with COVID-19, these viruses are having a high impact on health services and populations during this boreal winter. In this context, it highlights how important it is for vulnerable groups to get vaccinated against influenza and COVID-19, as well as for […]