COVID Cases Soar Again, Minister of Finance: Don’t Destroy the Economy with Restrictions

Saturday, December 11, 2021 – 16:24 WIB – Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg speaks during a press conference in Melbourne, Australia, Friday (28/9/2018). (ANTARA/AAP/David Crosling/via REUTERS/am.), SYDNEY – Australia should ease COVID-19 restrictions to boost its economic recovery, said Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg, although daily infections are currently the highest in six weeks. “The … Read more

Bees Also Practice ‘Social Distancing’ to Protect from Parasites

Boba jaglicic – A new study has found that honeybees, just like humans, practice ‘distance’ in their hives when exposed to common parasites. –—A new study has found that honeybee, like humans, spread themselves in the nest when exposed to common parasites, and this can help them contain plague within the colony. Behavioral strategies … Read more

San José students will return to classes under extreme sanitary measures – Telemundo Bay Area 48

Thousands of San Jose Unified School District students are about to return to classrooms. But they will do it under very strict precautionary measures to avoid contagion of Covid-19 among students. The classrooms of 41 campuses are being disinfected and both teachers and students are ready to resume their education in person, but they will … Read more

British Minister of Health caught kissing aide, admits violating social distancing

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Health England’s Matt Hancock apologizes, pleads guilty to violating social distancing pembatasan Covid-19 after the photo of him kissing the aide circulated. The aide was a friend of Hancock’s before being appointed to the staff, while she herself was married. The photos were published in the newspapers The Sun … Read more

Promoting Health Insurance in Indonesia

COMMUNITY Health Insurance in Indonesian society. That sentence came from one of the practitioners at insurance industry at the moment pandemic covid-19 still not over. The ‘mission’ is actually a breath of fresh air to build public health resilience in the country, especially when they are struggling to fight the corona virus. Head of Digital … Read more

Vaccinated People Can Get Together Without Masks and Social Restrictions in the US

Medical Assistant Keona Shepard appears to be preparing an injection containing the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine to be given to US citizens in New Orleans, USA, Thursday (4/3). (Source: Chris Granger / The Advocate via AP, File) NEW YORK, KOMPAS.TV – Citizens of the United States (US) who have been fully vaccinated can gather … Read more

Today, 500 new confirmed cases are expected… Re-evaluate Ganghwado

With the corona 19 vaccination approaching a week ahead, the number of new confirmed cases is rapidly increasing, and the spread of Corona 19 is again accelerating. As of this month, the number of new confirmed patients, which fell to the late 200 level, remained at 300 during the Lunar New Year holiday, when the … Read more

From today, restaurants in the metropolitan area are open until 10:00 pm… Keep ‘5 people ban’

The high-intensity “social distancing” measures that have continued for more than two months due to the’third pandemic’ of Corona 19 will be eased from today (15th). From today, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters has lowered the distance for COVID-19 prevention from stage 2.5 to stage 2 in the metropolitan area and stage 2 … Read more

6 personal habits that have proven their ability to stop the spread of Corona

8:00 PM Monday 25 January 2021 – I wrote – Hind KhalifaThe spread of the Coronavirus is rising to record levels in many regions of the country, and those with chronic diseases are at risk of severe infection with the virus, but everyone has the ability to stop its spread, so it only takes some … Read more

How do you help limit the spread of the Corona virus? Health answers

The Ministry of Health and Population revealed a series of tips that help limit the spread of the Coronavirus, including wearing a muzzle, social distancing, hand disinfection, exercising, and ensuring a healthy diet and mental health. The Ministry of Health and Population said: Everyone should take full care to apply precautionary and preventive measures after … Read more