The Moments of Masjidil Haram-Nabawi Return to Keep the Distance

Makkah – Congregants who want to worship at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque must now return to maintaining their distance after previously being normal. This policy is effective starting today, Thursday (12/31/2021), at 07.00 local time. The Haram Mosque Authority has again decided to implement social distancing measures at the country’s two holiest … Read more

Not vaccinated against Covid-19? These are 5 Tips for Staying Safe and Healthy During Activities, JAKARTA – The increase in positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia is certainly worrying. Many people question how to stay safe and healthy, even though they haven’t received the vaccination. In the midst of the Covid-19 tsunami, the government and health experts continue to promote mass vaccination programs. The goal is to get people … Read more

Ministry of Health Strives to Bring Moderna Vaccine

This vaccine is planned to be imported from UN multilateral cooperation negotiations negosiasi REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) has issued an emergency use permit (EUA) for the Covid-19 vaccine. The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) admits that it is trying to bring Modern Vaccine through multilateral diplomacy. “Thursday is trying (to … Read more

British Minister of Health caught kissing aide, admits violating social distancing

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Health England’s Matt Hancock apologizes, pleads guilty to violating social distancing pembatasan Covid-19 after the photo of him kissing the aide circulated. The aide was a friend of Hancock’s before being appointed to the staff, while she herself was married. The photos were published in the newspapers The Sun … Read more

Pandemic, RPM Opens Online Printing Services for Jabodetabek Residents

loading… JAKARTA – At time pandemic Covid-19 this, the community must keep health protocol to break the chain of transmission of the virus. People should also reduce activities outside the home, avoid crowds and keep their distance. One of the founders of PT Rumah Workers Mandiri (RPM) Yarda Fetodia said, with the development of current … Read more