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British Minister of Health caught kissing aide, admits violating social distancing

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Minister of Health England’s Matt Hancock apologizes, pleads guilty to violating social distancing pembatasan Covid-19 after the photo of him kissing the aide circulated.

The aide was a friend of Hancock’s before being appointed to the staff, while she herself was married.

The photos were published in the newspapers The Sun and taken before the UK’s social restrictions were lifted.

“I accept that I violated social distancing guidelines in this situation,” Hancock said Friday Reuters.

“I have disappointed people and I am very sorry. I remain focused on working to get the country out of this pandemic, and would be grateful for the privacy of my family in this personal matter,” he said.

The 42-year-old continues to be at the center of the British government’s fight against the pandemic. He often appears on television and appeals to residents to adhere to protocol rules in the midst of a pandemic.

Later, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was urged by a number of parties to fire Hancock over the incident. However, Boris refused the request. The opposition Labor Party called on Johnson to fire Hancock and demanded an investigation into whether he violated the code governing ministerial conduct.

“This matter is clearly not covered, despite the government’s efforts to cover it up,” said a Labor Party spokesman.

“Matt Hancock appears to have been caught violating a law he made while having a secret relationship with an aide he appointed for taxpayer-funded work.”

However, Johnson’s spokesman said the PM had accepted Hancock’s apology, and had put his full trust in and considered the matter resolved.


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