Even after 493 days it remains difficult, but: “The obligatory cr …

The landing of Vivaldi remains difficult. The negotiators did not meet their first deadline, but the king granted the co-formateurs some extra time. “As soon as possible”, they received the message. Main obstacle is the budget. How much room do they have for new policy? And how are they going to pay for that? “We […]

To extend the legal time limits for access to abortion

Tribune. A true feminist icon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves us her legacy of her fight for sexual and reproductive rights. The place it leaves vacant in the Supreme Court, in the hands of Trump, is yet another red flag. The freedom-killing laws on abortion adopted in recent years – in the United States and in […]

Socialists and Open VLD do it (for a while) alone: ​​first big …

Open VLD and the socialist family are working out a major framework agreement that should push the formation definitively towards the finish. MR Chairman Georges-Louis Bouchez must then say “oui” by way of bowing down. CD&V only came in late. “We know enough about the concerns to take them into account,” the preformers say. Less […]

PS5 Can Pre-Order on the following 5 Sites, How Much is the Price?

Jakarta – Crescent PS5 finally seen after technology manufacturer Sony revealed the prices of the two variants of the game console. Gamers enthusiastically welcomed the announcement and prepared to pre-order. Quoted from CNet, there are five online sales sites that support pre-orders PS5 its customers. The five are Best Buy, Sony, Amazon, Target, and GameStop […]

De Wever keenly for purple-green parties: “If one …

“If they wanted to stab me in the back, why didn’t they do it eight months ago?” That is the question that Antwerp mayor and N-VA chairman Bart De Wever poses on Sunday afternoon The seventh day. He said, among other things, that MR asked him last summer to unload Open VLD for the Flemish […]

In Valence, Mélenchon in VRP of the “ready-to-govern”

Sunday morning, Alexis Corbière settles down near us while awaiting the speech of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. A patient crowd outside the Palais des Congrès in Valence (Drôme). The words of the leader of the rebellious are awaited. We ask the deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis: “We remain a pole of resistance and Jean-Luc will show the way for […]

Top economist is annoyed by criticism of corona measures: “In …

Top economist Mathias Dewatripont is irritated by the criticism that the corona measures would remain needlessly too strict. “We are number five in Europe in terms of infections per capita. We have five times more infections than Italy! ” He was never the loudest in the class. While Erika Vlieghe, Marc Van Ranst and Niel […]

All noses gradually in the direction of purple-green, purple-ge …

Not purple-yellow, but purple-green. Not that royal commissioner and Open VLD chairman Egbert Lachaert has formally made a choice, but the political barometer these days only points in one direction: that of a coalition between socialists, liberals and greens. Six, eight or even fifteen minutes. The versions on the duration of the maintenance between Lachaert […]

Paul Magnette talked about federal formation: “We were …

In the negotiations with the N-VA, many social demands of the PS were met “against all odds”. Chairman Paul Magnette said this in a Friday Facebook live with the militants. Magnette recalled the demands that the PS has put on the table in the context of the federal government formation: raising pensions to 1,500 euros, […]

Masks: Blank criticized after adding to list of supplies

“The mask will be a supply like any other; just as you come with your pencil case or notebooks. “ The implication is that it’s up to families to get them for their children. These words made Thursday evening by the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, on France 2, aroused the ire of teachers and […]