Hauts-de-France. Second consecutive night of urban violence in Tourcoing

Urban violence took place on Sunday evening at Tourcoing (North) for the second consecutive evening, without causing injury, we learned from the prefecture and police source. After an evening marked on Saturday by the throwing of projectiles on the police following an intervention for a rodeo in the Red Cross district, the prefecture indicated on […]

Tourcoing. A man imprisoned for the murder of his partner

A man was indicted and remanded in custody Monday after admitting to killing his partner, found dead at her home in Tourcoing, we learned from the Lille prosecutor’s office. The 36-year-old spouse of the victim “Admitted the facts allegedly committed on the evening of March 20”, told AFP the prosecutor of the Republic of Lille, […]

Au Chante Sloubi delivers board games at home

Au Chante Sloubi… the expression may mean nothing to you, but for an entire community, it is a rallying cry. ” It’s a nod to the Kaamelott series. In one episode, they play a completely absurd game called Sloubi. And since I’m a fan of the show, I thought it would be a great name […]

In Tourcoing, how the beehive of companies is facing reconfinement

During this new confinement, what changes in the hive of companies? “For companies, this time it does not change anything in terms of services. And for the support they benefit from, we favor the distance. Few companies were present at the start of the reconfinement, but now they are there at 80% on average, with […]

In Tourcoing, Booking employees still in the dark

How will the Dutch travel booking giant overcome the global crisis, and with what consequences, in terms of employment, in Tourcoing? This is the question that torments the 680 employees of the call center, located in Place Sébastopol. In recent years, the company had experienced a meteoric effort, today undermined by the Coronavirus and its […]

The Tourcoing Jazz Festival meets young audiences

« Here we wanted to make the youngest aware of music they don’t know. Forty children aged 6 to 10 had the chance to have a concert by Sonia Rekis and Yann Gérardin. The accordion-bass duo managed to capture their attention, answering many questions such as the traditional “how does the accordion work?” “. For […]

A new season opens for the Théâtre de l’Idéal in Tourcoing

Once again, without any municipal subsidy (including for actions to combat illiteracy initiated a year ago at Brun Pain and which are resuming with this return), the Théâtre du Nord offers a great program in Tourcoing. Hoping that the Covid-19 calms down a bit, the Tourquenne season will really start at the end of November […]

Despite the crisis, the Friends of Tourcoing and Carillon remained very active

Nearly 7,000 visitors for the Christmas crib, 40 associative or private partners, the association’s magazine, entirely financed by the sponsors, 600 participants in the pilgrimage to St-Christophe … Thomas Figeac, president of the Friends of Tourcoing and du Carillon, declared: ” Our actions in 2019 were a real success due in part to the new […]

we tell you everything about the Golden Wheel …

1 The history of the wheelbarrow Fifty years ago, the Golden Wheelbarrow was awarded to the widow of Jacques Masurel-Lepoutre. The textile manufacturer was one of the founders of the Friends of Tourcoing, who brought this wheelbarrow up to date. These history buffs say it: “ For the people of France and elsewhere, the wheelbarrow […]