Trying the Pansela Path: A Winding Road Splitting the Forest


South Coast Path (Panel) is the main route for going home on the island of Java along with two other routes, namely the northern Java route (Pantura) and the central Java route. What is the condition of the Pansela Route in Banten Province?

detikcom has the opportunity to go through several channels Panel which passed through Banten Province on Thursday (19/1/2023). The journey starts from the 0 kilometer point of the Pansela line which is at Simpang Labuan, Banten.

Asphalt roads dominate with sloping contours. When driving further along Jalan Raya Cibaliung-Cikeusik, the winding road welcomes you.

Apart from being winding, the path also occasionally goes up and down a bit steeply. Traffic signs for caution are widely seen to warn passing motorists.

When passing this path, the rider will be presented with lush trees on the right and left. The condition of the road itself tends to be quiet.

The contours of the road are sloping again when passing Jalan Raya Malingping Bayah, Banten. Now the view is dominated by the beach.

Because it enters the coastal area, the plants on the side of the road are dominated by coconut trees. The road that was previously dominated by asphalt lanes has now turned into a concrete lane.

Road conditions are still relatively quiet. However, occasional dusty road conditions were found.

The journey continues to Jalan Raya Cibareno. The road that was previously sloping, is now winding and uphill.

The road back divides the existing forest. The size of the road is about 7 meters wide. Traffic signs to be careful again found.

In general, the Pansela route that passes through Banten Province tends to be smooth. No road conditions were found that were badly damaged.

The Pansela route in Banten Province itself is 170.09 kilometers. Pansela Line Banten Province is bordered by West Java Province (Jabar) on Jalan Cisolok.

For information, the total Pansela Line can be crossed from Banten-Sukabumi-Yogyakarta-Gunung Kidul-Pacitan-Ponorogo-Tulungagung-Banyuwangi. Pansela itself is prepared to unravel congestion on the Trans Java and Pantura Toll Roads.


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