The Village Service Car is Used for Drug Transactions, This is the Lebak Secretary’s Explanation


Viral on social media (social media) uploading a video of a red plate car with police number A-1265-N belonging to the Cihara Village Government, Lebak, Banten was shot by the police because it was suspected that it was used for drug transactions. The local government of Lebak confirmed the incident, but admitted that they had not received official information from the police regarding the cause of the shooting at the car.

In the video footage viewed detikcom, Monday (13/2/2023), gunshot marks were seen at several points on the car body. The circulating narrative stated that the car was misused for drug transactions.

“It’s true, the car belongs to the Cihara Village Government. After I checked, I asked the sub-district head, to the village, it was true that it was a village car,” said the Regional Secretary Lebak Budi Santoso when asked for confirmation detikcomMonday (13/2).

Budi explained that the car belonged to the village administration. Usually used to carry sick people, corpses or other community needs.

The car was brought by a driver who received an assignment from the village government. The driver is not an ASN or a village official.

“Yes, helping people who are sick. Well, operational cars are for the community. Those who drive cars are not prades (village officials), but are indeed used as operational car drivers,” he said.

“And at the time of the incident there was no assignment from the village head or village administration, so he personally took the car, not in the interests of the village administration,” he continued.

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Budi admitted that he could not confirm the news that the car was used for drug transactions. They are still waiting for information from the police.

“Friday night (got information). Yes, I tracked it in the Samsat system. As for whether it’s true for drugs or not, we don’t know yet, in the media, on social media (drug transactions are used), but the police have not confirmed anything to us, ” he explained.

The operational car of the village administration in Lebak, Banten, was shot at by the police because it was used for drug transactions. (Viral Video Screenshot)

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