Expert Spotlights Toilet Debris Behind Riko Not Charged with Premeditated Murder


Riko (23) kill ex-boyfriend, Elisa Siti Mulyani (21), sadistically in the bushes in Pandeglang, Banten. Riko was also charged with Article 338 with a penalty of 15 years in prison.

Forensic Psychologist Reza Indra Giri also highlighted the application of Article 338 to Riko. He also highlighted the police’s explanation that the perpetrator used a piece of toilet at the location.

“Because the toilet was obtained at the scene of the incident, that actually prevented the perpetrator from being charged with Article 340 of the Criminal Code. Not avoiding it. The police explanation that the perpetrator used a piece of toilet at the location actually escaped the perpetrator from 340,” said Reza when contacted, Sunday (12/2/2023 ).

For information, Article 340 is an article on premeditated murder. A suspect in murder can be threatened with life imprisonment to the death penalty if charged under this article.

The following reads Article 340 of the Criminal Code:

Whoever with deliberate intent and with premeditation takes the life of another person, is threatened, for premeditated murder (moord), with the death penalty or life imprisonment or for a specified period of time, for a maximum of twenty years.

Back to Reza. He then explained that what Riko had done was extreme. He highlighted again the use of the toilet to kill Elisa.

“From the plot, there is nothing extraordinary. Anger, behavior out of control, the victim dies. The motive is emotional. The impression is extreme, because the victim was hit using a toilet,”

Furthermore, Reza saw that there were a number of Riko’s actions that would also have the potential to aggravate his sentence. He said it wasn’t because of Riko’s aspect of being a policeman.

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“What is burdensome is not that aspect (Riko is a police child). That the perpetrator did not surrender to the police, but instead stole the victim’s belongings, that is what is burdensome,” he said.

Riko Threatened to 15 Years in Prison

For your information, the police have charged Riko Arizka (21), a suspect in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Elisa Siti Mulyani (23), with Article 338 of the Criminal Code concerning murder. Riko also faces up to 15 years in prison.

“Thanks to reports from the public, Pandeglang Police personnel moved quickly and succeeded in arresting the perpetrators in less than 30 minutes from the time of the incident. The RA perpetrator was arrested at his home in Cipacung and finally the murder case was uncovered,” said Pandeglang Police Chief AKBP Belny Warlansyah as reported by Antara , Sunday (12/2).

Belny explained that Riko admitted that he was desperate to kill the victim and left him in the bushes near Jalan Badak Pandeglang Stadium because he was emotional and annoyed. The accused suspected that the victim was having an affair.

“Starting by accident, the RA perpetrator met the victim in front of a shop in Cipacung Saruni, Pandeglang, then the RA perpetrator took the victim to the Badak Pandeglang Stadium area, after arriving at the place where the perpetrator and the victim were involved in an argument,” said Belny.


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