Amaia breaks up with Álex de Lucas after discovering that he was unfaithful to her with an actress

Amaia has broken up with her partner, Álex de Lucas, after two years of relationship. At least that’s what it claims socialiteaccording to a witness who claims to have seen the actor kissing another well-known actress in a bar in Madrid.

The Pamplona singer could have broken his relationship with De Lucas months ago, but none of them had made it official and this news could have been the trigger for the definitive breakup.

The actress with whom the actor would have been seen would be Canarian Lola Rodríguez, known for her participation in the series Poison. According to the witness who called the program, “the actor was very close to a well-known actress, it seemed to me that they were kissing. It was clear that they were involved. She looked at him with enamored eyes.”

A situation that could have been especially painful for the triumphant, since she is a friend of the actress and they have coincided in several events with the Javis, creators of that successful series and who presented Amaia and the actor, who participated in their series Paquita Salas.

De Lucas, who has commented with hearts on several Instagram posts by Lola Rodríguez, would have thus found a new love, although also Amaia could have rebuilt her life. There are several rumors that relate her to Daniel, a member of Mainline Magic Orchestra, a group from Barcelona who makes house music.

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