Sniffing the art of Daniel Muñoz with his Guide to a reversible territory

Estremadura it has territory, vast and formidable. This corner of the world is endowed with unique, personal, intimate, collaborative, border, border, and reversible guides. In this land, the velcro of its localities adapt to the skin of the territory, a skin that changes and can acquire an infinity of genuine landmarks. This guide is endemic, […]

The University residences of the Board begin to offer activities outside the academic field

These cross-cutting activities are intended to awaken interest in participation in collective projects that go beyond the academic field, and in which the residents are responsible for the design and implementation. Specifically, and coinciding with the commemoration this month of the International Book Day, the Diego Muñoz Torrero de Cáceres Residence Hall is carrying out […]

The order that approves a new financial instrument for agricultural professionals already installed has been published in the DOE

Thus, access to loans guaranteed by said instrument is established within the framework of improvement and modernization of agricultural exploitation for the investment or group of eligible investments, according to requirements and guidelines. The loans will be co-financed by European funds and will be used to support agricultural holdings in Extremadura that meet the requirements […]

Spain locks international trains and leaves Portugal isolated | Railway network

María José Rallo, secretary general for Transport and Mobility, announced last week in the Spanish parliament that night trains that crossed the Iberian Peninsula before the pandemic should not return to the rails. Reason: high speed travel times are so competitive that it is no longer justified to keep trains that take one night to […]

The Christmas Lottery 2020 in Extremadura: Jackpot in Badajoz – Badajoz News

The Iberian bookstore, on Ricardo Carapeto avenue in Badajoz, is a party. A large group of friends and their families have gathered this morning to celebrate that They have been awarded the jackpot. Literal. Are 15 friends and share 5 tenths of the first prize of the Christmas Lottery, which they bought in August in […]

Two wrong shots – Badajoz News

It is not that the aid convened by the Badajoz City Council for small businessmen whose businesses have been affected by the health and economic crisis were the panacea. The mayor himself, Francisco Javier Fragoso, recognized it when he presented them. They are what they are: aid, planned to try to alleviate the difficulties suffered […]

Last minute | Andalusia closes the worst week of the pandemic with 28,685 positives

01/11/2020 10:48 – Updated: 11/01/2020 1:55 PM The spread of the coronavirus in Spain has led to the adoption of more restrictive measures that prevents almost 41 million Spaniards from leaving their communities. These limitations have caused a wave of altercations in several cities such as Madrid, Logroño, Bilbao, Barcelona and Malaga. At the international […]